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  1. garymc

    having some trouble with a muscadine wine... recipe.

    Can someone tell me what a "water wine" is?
  2. garymc

    fresh elderberries

    Are you talking about a gallon of wine or some 5 gallon batches with 12 pounds per 5 gallons? I would go toward the heavier end of the range with at least 2.5. Other recipes show 3.5 pounds per gallon. You might do more than one batch with a light, social wine with the lower amount and a dark...
  3. garymc

    Red & Bronze Scuppernong Wine question

    Save those for making jelly. Less ripe muscadines will assist the jelly in jelling and jelly is so full of sugar that the tartness or harsh taste from a few green ones won't make much difference. But muscadine wine is harsh and acidic enough without having unripe fruit making it moreso.
  4. garymc

    2,4-D the struggle is real.

    I usually get hit with 2,4-D or dicamba in late May or early June and by the end of June my vines have recovered. This year it happened again later in the summer and they just resumed somewhat normal growth a couple of weeks ago. Some are behind in their maturation and all of them have a lot...
  5. garymc

    Yeast Comparison [EC-1118 vs 71B-1122]

    There was no update after backsweetening. Did that have no effect?
  6. garymc

    Topping off

    I think I have 11 gallon jugs that will take an airlocked stopper, a couple that are 2.5 or 3 quarts, a half gallon, some 1.5 liter wine bottles, and regular 750ml wine bottles that I use exactly as you described. But I also usually have some corked bottles that have sediment, so I use those...
  7. garymc

    Just Curious

    WOW! So, when I read .992 for 2 or 3 days, it could be .988 or .996 in reality. Jeez O Pete! That's huge! You know what that means? It means I should be writing some other number down! I'm surprised I haven't gotten alcohol poisoning or something.
  8. garymc

    What to do with pomace?

    Compost bin for mine. Usually in the winter, but sometimes I get fruit flies. Burying the fresh stuff in the rest of the compost tends to reduce the fly problem. As far as the seeds go, I have muscadines coming up in some flower beds and other places. I let one grow and it gave me a new variety...
  9. garymc

    Elderberry Wine (berry)

    1. You don't say what your finishing sg is, but if it was stuck and there was a lot of sugar left, it would taste sweet, so I think it finished. 2. 1.100 sg starting will give you a lot of alcohol if it finishes below 1.000. A lot of alcohol will make it taste harsh. No changing that except...
  10. garymc

    unconventional country wine style

    "i have settled on my fav's, apple/pear blend, blackberry, blackberry/elderberry mix, strawberry, sour cherry, , apple, peach, skeeter pee port, i have several sargents yellow crab apples bushes i use kinda like a tanning, for a popping finish" Does this mean muscadines didn't make the cut for...
  11. garymc

    All in One Degassing Question

    When you rack, don't rack from one carboy to another sitting right next to it. Have the full one on the floor and the new one up on a table or counter, so the vacuum is lifting the wine. It will have to pull harder to lift it up to an elevated carboy.
  12. garymc

    Beginning a new batch

    One of the reasons for using Lalvin 71b-1122 yeast is that it eats some of the acid and you don't have to take other actions to reduce the acidity as much. The other reason is that it leaves more fruit taste and aroma.
  13. garymc

    Beginning a new batch

    That's a good point. I forgot about pectic enzyme. I use it with crushed grapes and I would use it with the juice with pulp. If there is a pectic haze in the juice without pulp, the first thing to do is add pectic enzyme. If the juice was heated in the canning process, you can count on active...
  14. garymc

    Beginning a new batch

    Lalvin 71B-1122 is commonly used on muscadines, but without the skins, it might not matter so much. You could strain the pulp, or let the yeast have its way with it and then rack off what's left of it. I have always made my wine from crushed muscadines including the skins. I usually drink my...
  15. garymc

    Aronia - Chokeberry. Has anybody made wine from these or grow them?

    You will find they are easily propagated by layering. I also just cut off some almost pencil diameter cuttings and stuck them in the ground in late February (zone 7 SE Missouri.) The layers were just about 100 percent success and the cuttings were more like 40%.
  16. garymc

    Aronia - Chokeberry. Has anybody made wine from these or grow them?

    I have some aronia wine and a lot more blended aronia/elderberry and aronia/muscadine in carboys. I also have some bottled. I like it better blended with the other fruits so far, but being aged in the bottle could change that preference. The berries don't contain a lot of juice and are too small...
  17. garymc

    Sugargate muscadines for wine?

    Ison is productive. One member reported weighing and tracking 200 pounds of muscadines picked off one Ison vine. He was in Louisiana.
  18. garymc

    Sugargate muscadines for wine?

    You might try Muscadine Growers on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/581310545314262/ Are the Dixie Reds productive?
  19. garymc

    MLF and Elderberry Wine

    Elderberries are not very acidic. ph around 4.65
  20. garymc

    Hazy Wine

    The first thing I would go to is pectic enzyme.