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  1. JSquared

    Looking for a Muscadine Grape recipe

    I have a bunch of muscadine grapes in the freezer from last years crop. I don't have equipment to do PH testing so is there a recipe that I can use?? I like a semi-sweet to sweet wine like the Duplin winery does with their Muscadines.
  2. JSquared

    Watermelon Wine

    Has anyone ever had a successful watermelon wine? If so, any pointers or a recipe you used? I've read that it's hard to keep it from spoiling before it starts a successful ferment. I'm only looking to try a gallon so I haven't wasted a lot if it's an epic fail! Would love any advise!
  3. JSquared

    Sweet Tea Wine

    Has anyone made a successful sweet tea wine? Being from the south and from the city that is home to Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, sweet tea is a big deal. I am interested in trying to make a sweet tea wine. I did try a white zen that was flavored w black tea extract from a winery. It had a very nice...
  4. JSquared

    New wine maker from Charleston, SC

    I'm mostly interested in making fruit wines. I started this journey in September 2014 when the Muscadine Vines pulled a bumper crop! I have made mostly 1 gallon test batches to see what I like. I've done strawberry, blueberry and muscadine. I have a 6 gallon batch of Dragon Blood fermenting now...