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    I forgot to add enzyme pouch

    I forgot to add the enzyme pouch after first racking of my cellar craft Pinot Noir - Bella Sonoma Vineyard I am at the clearing stage now and have not added any other ingredients, and i dont know what to do, tech support is closed for the day at cellar craft,
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    Oh NO HELP Please

    I was following the instructions as follows, except i added the ingredients to the slurry, i didn't wait the 24-48 hours, and then pour in yeast slurry from the first rack of another batch of wine, the SG is 1.072 and i just got this batch going today, will this be ok or do I have to dump it...
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    slurry ?

    I have an cellar craft showcase Ltd release Pinot Noir going now and would like to start a batch of skeeter pee with the slurry, at what SG of the pinot do I rack it off the slurry without any harm to the wine itself, any help greatly appreciated
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    Robert Mondavi Equilivent

    I am looking for a wine kit that is close to a Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir any suggestions greatly appreciated
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    Adding Oak to a kit

    I bought an PINOT NOIR KenRidge Classic kit and was wondering if it would be advisable to add oak to this kit, I don't know if I should or could, thanks for any info,
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    Vineco KenRidge Classic Viognier

    I am ready to bottle my KenRidge Classic Viognier kit and don't know if it should taste flat and lacking fruit body and slightly hot in finish, is this normal for a kit ready to bottle per instructions 30 day kit, or would aging take care of the flat taste, that's what concerns me the most, or...
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    What's your best Pinot Noir wine kit

    I am looking for a good Pinot Noir kit and was wondering which kit would be good to try, thanks for any in put
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    Vineco Primo bianco

    I am thinking about this wine kit from Legacy PRIMO BIANCO has anyone made this kit, I am wondering if its worth it or not, $140.00 6 gal kit it sounds good.
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    S G Chart

    I have been looking on the net and cant find much info on the sweetness or specific gravity of a finished wine, is there a chart or anything someone has or has a link to share, I'm looking for a chart of the sweetness or S G of finished wines hope this makes sense Thanks
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    I see on here a few topics on piesporter, but i cant find any info if anyone has back-sweetened it or added an f-pack to it, I was thinking of adding some apple juice boiled down, or a simple syrup, or leave it alone and let it age more it is a Ken Ridge classic Piesporter SG is .0990 and has...
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    Wedding Wine

    My Daughter is getting married 3-19-11 and I thought I would make some wine for her wedding but I think I started this hobby to late, the wine Sauvignon Blanc Kit, has been clearing for 2 weeks now and i dont know if i should continue to bulk age or bottle it now and age it in the bottle or if...
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    I need some quick help

    I am in the middle of fermenting a 6 gal Piesporter wine, I am at day 5 and the spigot on the fermenter was leaking a little so I tried to tighten it up and made it worse, so i quickly racked it to a carboy to save the rest of the wine, question is should I put the wine back in the fermenter to...
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    Icewine ?

    I am making my first batch of Ice wine, Ken Ridge Classic Icevine, when i went to add the sweet reserve pack I noticed i had to much wine in the carboy so i removed about a half gallon of wine and then added the sweet reserve pack k-meta and sorbate to the carboy and toped off. What can i do...
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    ABV in your Wine

    I am just curious what others wine makers are making there wine ABV at, since I'm a newbie I thought I would ask, I'm sure it depends on type of wine your making,and also how high can you go with ABV. Thanks
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    Glass VS Plastic Carboys

    I did a search and cant seem to find a preference in carboys, I am into my second batch of wine and I was curious what everyone's opinion is in using glass or plastic carboys, i swear i can smell and taste plastic in my wine from using a plastic carboy, is this possible,
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    How do U Sweeten/Flavor kit wine

    How do you Sweeten or Flavor a kit wine, I have seen on here that you can add 100% juice to wine to sweeten or add flavor to wine, how is this done to kit wines, I have a 6 gallon Riesling kit clearing and would like to make a gallon 0r 2 different I was thinking a Peach Mango or Wild Cherry or...
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    Hi Everyone

    Jim here from Central Nebraska, I am very new to wine drinking, I bought a bottle of Edelweiss wine 6-8 months ago for our anniversary and got hook on wine, and now I want to make my own wine, I have been on the net looking for an Edelweiss Kit and cant find anything, I like a sweet wine so if...
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    Day 10

    Going on day 10 of fermenting my California Connoisseur Riesling 28 day kit, everything looks good and ready to siphon to carboy at 1.010 and strong fermenting still going on, but i am worried about the smell of the wine, the wine doesn't smell like wine is this normal, i dont know how to...