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  1. GreenEnvy22

    Cleaning Brew keg for aging wine

    I have about 110L of Riesling in primary fermentation right now, thinking ahead to secondary. I have around 15 carboys but they are all full of other wine. I do have two 50L beer kegs available. One is unmodified, so that's pretty simple. The other one has had some drain ports and a 1-in port...
  2. GreenEnvy22

    Cold crash and sterile filter to stop fermentation

    Hi all, I have a wine I am making for a relative. I make this most years for them, but it's always a rushed affair because we harvest in late September, and it needs to be ready for Christmas. I have no control over the timeline. I know time is the best option, and stopping fermentation isn't...
  3. GreenEnvy22

    Grape Crusher - Motor shaft conversion

    I've got a couple grape crushers, just the manual hopper with a single spiked roller in the middle. I'd like to electrify one of them because I usually crush alone, and it would be a lot faster to have it running all the time. I've got a 24V, 250W DC motor, and a speed controller.The motor is...
  4. GreenEnvy22

    Done for the year, busy one for me

    Pressed my last grapes for this year, got 16.5 gallons (62 L) of Syrah. Also racked my 5 gallons of apple cider out of primary. I kept all the pumice with the thought of using it for some other beverage later this year. This was my highest volume year by a good deal, especially when you add in...
  5. GreenEnvy22

    Defeated by apples

    I picked the remaining apples and pears from our back yard today. Got 75Lbs of apples and 5 lbs of pears. I wanted to make cider from them. I had done a trial before to see how my grape crusher with not very good results. So I figured I'd just cut them into 1/8ths and try to press them in my...
  6. GreenEnvy22

    How rotted is too rotted?

    I picked about 200lbs of Riesling from my cousins farm today. 19 brix. There was more brown/split/rot grapes then I expected, see photo. My own Muscat grapes never look this bad, nor have the other grapes I've gotten from him over the years. I'm guessing most of this is due to the late season...
  7. GreenEnvy22

    Wine press question

    I picked up a used wine press a while ago. It's a ratcheting style wood basket press. It has 2 half circle wood blocks with handles, 2 half circles without handles, 2 small half circles, then a bunch of blocks. When I used it yesterday, I found as I was applying pressure, the blocks and even...
  8. GreenEnvy22

    Pasteurizing in bulk

    I have never pasteurized wine before, but this one very sweet wine that we make for a relative I am worried that it will referment on me even if I am using sorbate. I was wondering about people's thoughts on pasteurization. It will be way too many bottles for me to try to do it in bottle. But...
  9. GreenEnvy22

    Got WAY more grapes from yard this year

    Picked my muscat today, got 350 LBS! I've never gotten more than 250 before. Last year was more like 100. Destemmed, crushed, and pressed. Got 90L (24 gallons). SG was just 1.06 PH 3.22 Couldn't get a TA reading, think my kit is to old, week get another tomorrow. Added yeast nutrient and...
  10. GreenEnvy22

    Aquarium filter?

    I have an all-in-one wine pump and whole house filter. I've used the pentek P1 1-micron filters in the past. In Canada I've had trouble finding them for a good price without having to double or triple the cost in shipping. On Amazon I came across this...
  11. GreenEnvy22

    Did I just kill a vine?

    I was going through my vines and removing all the growth down at ground level. One one on my Riesling, I plucked off the little shoots down an inch or so above the ground, then noticed that was the only green on the whole vine. The rest of it (goes up 3 feet then splits in each direction along...
  12. GreenEnvy22

    Unplanned sour dough starter

    I was testing my wines today and one tasted like it hadn't fermented fully, so I made up a starter with orange juice, water, fermaid, and then super b and 1118 yeast I had laying around. Before I added to the wine, I tested sg and it was .990 so no reason to add the yeast. Didn't want to just...
  13. GreenEnvy22

    Orange wine? (White grapes fermented like a red)

    Anyone have experience to share with making a white wine like a red? Crushing and leaving on skins? This is called Orange wine I tried searching but mostly got threads discussing making wine from oranges. The local teaching winery here is experimenting with it. Wondering if I should try it too.
  14. GreenEnvy22

    Doh! Gotta uncork a batch

    About 6 weeks ago I bottled a bunch of stuff, including 5 cases of our Muscat, which I had filtered (5 micron), sulfited (30ppm), and back sweetened (wine conditioner with sorbate in it) Opened a bottle today and and it was sparking. Looked at a few more and see some cloudyness in them. I'm...
  15. GreenEnvy22

    Long Nitrile gloves

    I got a set of Atlas 772 Nitrile gloves today for $5, on the off chance I could use them for punching down wine cap? Any thoughts on using these for that purpose (after washing and sanitizing)? Manufacturer doesn't list food safeness, but some websites selling them say for food prep...
  16. GreenEnvy22

    Would you still use this?

    Back in June I started a 5 gallon batch of strawberry/rhubarb wine. It fermented from 1.08 down to 1.04 but then got stuck. It's been sitting in a carboy ever since. I figured out why it got stuck, I somehow over-sulfited it, so it's at 120ppm free SO2 (guessing maybe I added sulfite when I...
  17. GreenEnvy22

    Is this too many grapes for the vine?

    We planted 2 unknown variety table grape vines a couple years ago, this is the first year they've had fruit on them. Does this look like too much fruit to ripen?
  18. GreenEnvy22

    Stuck fermentation, have to leave for 9 days

    Hi all, I started a strawberry/rhubarb wine on Thursday. It started around 1.07 SG, and has been sitting at 1.046 for about 24 hours. I have to travel on Tuesday and will be gone 9 days (I know poor planning). What do you think I should do? Leave it as is and go? take out the fruit before I go...
  19. GreenEnvy22

    My attempt at Strawberry Rhubarb wine

    I received about 8 lbs of Rhubarb from a relative and had a bunch of frozen strawberries on hand, so decided to try making a batch of strawberry/rhubarb wine. I looked at a couple different recipes and made one of my own, will see how it turns out. Some measurements may be modified a bit once...
  20. GreenEnvy22

    When to start spraying?

    I'm in the Niagara region, and have a couple dozen muscat vines plus some riesling. The muscat are generally ok with disease, but the riesling had black rot bad last year. Still just have buds pushing so far, nothing opening up yet. When do I want to do my first spray? Some directions talk...