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  1. J

    Chromatography Test Reading?

    I did the chromo test on my acidic barbera..one early fermentation (8/18 crush) and the other which I just pressed. (8/11 crush). I added ch16 to the 8/11 during ferm. Then I read ch16 not good with a low ph so I picked up VP41 and added into both batches. PH has risen from 2.95 at crush to...
  2. J

    Backing into a Port?

    Hi - I’m still thinking about a small batch of port with my barbera I just started primary ferm on. I talked to a wine maker who makes a barbera desert/port wine. He says he ferments the barbera dry then adds concentrate and grape spirits in the back-end and ages 18 mos in oak. Here’s my rough...
  3. J

    TA acid text PH meter method/calc?

    I just wanted to check if I’m doing my TA test/calcs correctly with my PH meter. 1. I calibrated my PH meter 2. I added 5 ML of wine must 3. I added .1N sodium hydroxide until 8.2Ph..added 8ML to get to 8.2PH. 8ML .1N Sodium hydroxide / 5ML juice X .75 = TA of 1.2% or 12.?? is that...
  4. J

    Port — what to fortify with?

    I’m thinking of making a small batch of port with my remaining barbera grapes. I’m shooting to pick at Brix 28-30. Shooting for 5 gal of must and calc I need somewhere between .6 - 1.2 gal of Fortified something depending on the proof. I’m a newbie.. my understanding is you fortify the must...
  5. J

    Barbera Malolactic Ferm help?

    thanks for all the advice/suggestions on my barbera. I’m day 3 in to my ferm. Brix @ 14 now (26 starting). PH is 3.15. I had picked up the WLP475 Malolactic starter earlier... reading the instructions, it says to add at 5 Brix into the must before pressing. It also says if sulfites above...
  6. J

    Fermentation Temperature 85?

    I pitched my yeast yesterday on my barbera and have my buckets in our garage. A few pics attached..Temp of the must was 82-85 (79 overnight). Seems like fermentation is moving along. The cap is thick and when I punch down a fair bit of foam. the must temp is 85 right now and will likely climb...
  7. J

    Barbera Harvest Acidity

    Hello - This is the first year I’m getting grapes from my 90 vines (3rd year vines) at my home vineyard of Barbera. I’m expecting about 200 lbs this year. This is my first year of making/trying to make wine. I’m in northern cal with lots of sun and 90+degree days recently my Brix is at 24...