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    I forgot to add enzyme pouch

    Thanks for the reply's, I will wait and try to contact vineco tomorrow
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    I forgot to add enzyme pouch

    I forgot to add the enzyme pouch after first racking of my cellar craft Pinot Noir - Bella Sonoma Vineyard I am at the clearing stage now and have not added any other ingredients, and i dont know what to do, tech support is closed for the day at cellar craft,
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    Oh NO HELP Please

    OK sounds good thanks Steve
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    Oh NO HELP Please

    I was following the instructions as follows, except i added the ingredients to the slurry, i didn't wait the 24-48 hours, and then pour in yeast slurry from the first rack of another batch of wine, the SG is 1.072 and i just got this batch going today, will this be ok or do I have to dump it...
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    slurry ?

    Thanks Lon and Arne
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    slurry ?

    Arne the instructions say to rack it at 1.000 or lower, I don't know if that's to low of a SG to start a batch of Skeeter pee or not
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    slurry ?

    I have an cellar craft showcase Ltd release Pinot Noir going now and would like to start a batch of skeeter pee with the slurry, at what SG of the pinot do I rack it off the slurry without any harm to the wine itself, any help greatly appreciated
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    Robert Mondavi Equilivent

    Thanks Mike I did not see that kit when i was looking earlier that looks like one to try
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    Robert Mondavi Equilivent

    I am looking for a wine kit that is close to a Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir any suggestions greatly appreciated
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    Adding Oak to a kit

    I bought an PINOT NOIR KenRidge Classic kit and was wondering if it would be advisable to add oak to this kit, I don't know if I should or could, thanks for any info,
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    First batch ruined!!!

    I'm Sorry but that is funny stuff :s:gn
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    WineXpert De-Gas wine

    I found this video on you tube, hope it helps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Z1FMHrX0Bo&NR=1
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    Vineco KenRidge Classic Viognier

    Thanks everyone, Did you back-sweeten your kit or leave it as is, mine is at .990 and I went ahead and bottled it, now i wish i had sweetened it to at least 1.00 , Can I open up all the bottles sweeten and re bottle the wine or is this asking for trouble. Thanks Jim
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    Vineco KenRidge Classic Viognier

    Thanks Wade, its a 10 Liter kit
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    Vineco KenRidge Classic Viognier

    I am ready to bottle my KenRidge Classic Viognier kit and don't know if it should taste flat and lacking fruit body and slightly hot in finish, is this normal for a kit ready to bottle per instructions 30 day kit, or would aging take care of the flat taste, that's what concerns me the most, or...
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    What's your best Pinot Noir wine kit

    I am looking for a good Pinot Noir kit and was wondering which kit would be good to try, thanks for any in put
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    Vineco Primo bianco

    I am thinking about this wine kit from Legacy PRIMO BIANCO has anyone made this kit, I am wondering if its worth it or not, $140.00 6 gal kit it sounds good.
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    Question about Lon's recipe

    I just added the extra sugar and took a taste test, omg this is some awesome stuff taste like lemonade, I made a 6 gallon batch off of Pinot Noir slurry the wife loves it, will be bottling it next week, A Big THANK YOU TO LON for sharing his recipe, C'mon Summer Lets go fishing
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    Icewine ?

    No I didn't add the sulfates, I have 2 750ml bottles left over that i was planning on using for topping off, do you think they will be ok without
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    I have this type of filter and it is taking forever to filter my cabernet sauvignon kit i have maybe 1 gallon in over an hour, am i doing something wrong, the white wine go a lot faster