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  1. Chuck E

    Testing glasses...

    I wanted to have some good quality, small tasting glasses for when I have friends over for barrel tastes. I had some crappy ones from the dollar store. Then I found these. They are 6 oz. crystal glasses from Ravenscroft of Pennsylvania. Great size & shape, crystal clear and well made. They...
  2. Chuck E

    Why are white wines NOT fermented on the skins??

    In another thread (HELP???), the discussion turned to skins in white wines. Hence my question, why aren't white wines fermented just like reds? I sometimes put crushed green grapes in my white kits to tweak the body, but when I make Chardonnay from grapes I follow the standard protocol.
  3. Chuck E

    Alternate yeasts in wine making...

    Has anyone used yeasts intended for beer brewing in their wine? I see many ads for beer yeast that purport to add "citrus notes" and other flavors. It would seem that maybe those yeasts would be good to use on a Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling. I have used White Lab's double strain yeast...
  4. Chuck E

    Wine bottle boxes for gifts?

    I'm looking for a source of triple bottle gift boxes. When you go to wineries, they sometimes send you on your way with very nice boxes, some with handles, etc. Anyone have a source for these?
  5. Chuck E

    Any wineries near Boone NC?

    Hi All, We are heading to North Carolina for a week. We'll be near Asheville and Boone. Any wineries or forum members in that neck of the woods? Thank you for any recommendations. Chuck E.
  6. Chuck E

    Racking cane strainer

    I saw this at Amazon. The piece is made for holding wood chips in a gas grill for smoking meats. The perforated SS tube is closed on one end. I made an extension out of PVC pipe. I can set this into my RubberMade fermenters and not get any of the cap residue in the racking cane.
  7. Chuck E

    Recommendations for new pH meter?

    Hi All, I crave a Vinmetrica meter, but unfortunately my budget does not permit the splurge. Looking on Amazon, the cheap pH meters seem to get fair to poor ratings. Can anyone recommend a decent pH meter under $100?