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  1. bchilders

    WineXpert Island Mist Green Apple Riesling

    Started this kit back in March of this year and yesterday I bottled it. Turned out great. It cleared up nicely. I had to use a brew belt during most of the process to maintain a temp of 72 to 75 F and followed the instructions without deviation. Great kit and the wine is a big hit.
  2. bchilders

    Bottling by siphon

    Before I purchased my All In One Pump, I used this little beauty, a push value bottom filler that attaches to a standard siphon hose. It works great and very inexpensive. You can pick these up from most any supplier like this one form Midwest Supplies Anyone else use these?
  3. bchilders

    What is your Winter Chore

    This is the perfect time of year with shorter days and colder temps to sharpen and clean up my pruners. A little trick I found this year to clean them is to use a product called Bar Keepers Friend.
  4. bchilders

    Grapestompers Home Winemaker competition

    This Saturday, June 21st, is the 6th annual Home Winemaker competition from noon till 4pm. Come on by if you are in the area http://www.grapestompers.com/. I will be competing so wish me luck. I will be pouring a CA Zin and an VA Apple wine. Judging is by the public and very informal but...
  5. bchilders

    5th Annual Home Winemaker Showcase

    Grapestompers Home Winemakers showcase is comming. http://www.grapestompers.com/newsletter/Stomper_2013_03.pdf I was lucky to take a blue ribbon last year for a red Malbec