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    Re-using bottles and Removing the labels

    Lots of good info on putting labels on. I assume most here reuse their bottles and need to remove the labels at somepoint. I have all but stopped putting a label on if I know i'm going to drink it in the next 6 months. What do you all find the easiest way to remove the label...
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    Anyone used Argon gas to top up

    I have just started using a bottle of Argon gas to top up and purge my carboys when I filter and transfer. Anyone have a good technique on how much to use and how. My tank has a nice flowmeter so I can control it to be about any speed. I have been using an airlock as well and keeping the...
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    New Vacuum on order

    I thought I'd see what the Enlomatic would do in terms of degassing, but it doesn't pull near enought vac. So I just ordered a Mobilaire aspirator 800ccit was a good price on amazon so I'll post how it works for me when it comes in. This is the supposed picture, guess I'll find the right tubing etc.
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    From NC Again

    Guess my intro got lost somewhere, Just found this forum and looking to move up from kits to frozen pails so any help would be appriciated! Thanks
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    Smaller presses

    Anyone have a good source for an all Stainless Steel bladder press. I think I want something either 40 or 80 L size.. Thanks
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    Automatic floor corker

    If anyone is interested or is using a Portuguese floor corker please take a look at a new kit I have put together to turn it into an automatic corker. I have it online. Evidently you will need to put 2 and 2 together to find monarchwines web site! Any feedback would be greatly appriciated...