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  1. Allison Gray

    Apple wine recipe from frozen concentrate?

    I need a recipe for Apple wine from frozen concentrate, specific steps please
  2. Allison Gray


    Do different sugar types taste different when fermented in wine? Like white sugar vs brown sugar?
  3. Allison Gray

    Dragon blood smells off

    I'm making dragons blood wine and it smells off. It smells slightly like bad fruit. I went by the original recipe but did 3lbs of fruit to 4 gallons of water and brought the gravity up to where is said 12% on the hydrometer. I started it on 9/1. It is still fermenting but not foaming, just...
  4. Allison Gray

    Strawberry watermelon juicy juice

    So I added enough sugar to strawberry watermelon juicy juice to bring it up to 14%, added yeast, and put an airlock onto it. I then put it into a cupboard. Is this process flawed in any way/ what should I expect?
  5. Allison Gray

    Need recipe for elderberry, strawberry, blueberry

    Any simple recipes not needing too much fruit for an elderberry, strawberry, blueberry mix. And opinions on how it turned out?
  6. Allison Gray

    Potassium sorbate

    I was adding the potassium sorbate and Camden tablets as instructed but accidently added 1 more tsp to my 3 gallons of raspberry wine. How will this affect my wine?
  7. Allison Gray

    Stopped fermenting?

    So I'm making wine for the first time with this raspberry base and instead of doing it as 5 gallons I put it into 2 separate fermenters at 3 gallons each and added 2 cups of sugar per fermenter to get it to 1.076 ig. That was on the 19th and now it has been 6 days and my airlock isn't even...
  8. Allison Gray

    Types and sizes of fermenters

    Can I use two 5 gallon big mouth bubbler fermenters for both primary and secondary fermentation of a 5 gallon batch of fruit wine?