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  1. Chuck E

    Watery wine

    I think it does both. The skins deliver the body & mouthfeel," while the seeds/stems deliver the tannins. Some folks prefer to blend the free run with the press run in proportions that suit them.
  2. Chuck E

    Recycled oak

    I use oak spirals only one time. After they contribute their goodness to the wine; they wind up in my smoker, to contribute their goodness to the baby back ribs...
  3. Chuck E

    RJ Spagnols Super Tuscan

    Never use water!
  4. Chuck E

    Watery wine

    Did you separate the "free run" juice from the pressed juice? How long did you let the juice sit on the skins? In my view, those two things have the most influence on wine body.
  5. Chuck E

    2020 is happening.

    @CDrew The pics are coming through now. Thank you WMT gods.
  6. Chuck E

    2020 is happening.

    @CDrew Pics did not come thru... I'm interested to see how your harvest turned out.
  7. Chuck E

    2020 Crush and Blends

    My supplier had no Chardonnay grapes on the truck. Very unusual.
  8. Chuck E


  9. Chuck E


    4-5 times in one year. And yes, this is from fruit or grapes. Juice would be 3-4 times in one year. I use K-meta when it needs it.
  10. Chuck E


    I rack 3-7 days after fermentation. Next, 3-4 weeks after that. Thereafter, approximately every 3 months. Finally, 1-2 weeks prior to bottling.
  11. Chuck E

    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    The vacuum release valve is the push button valve in the line.
  12. Chuck E

    Sediment in secondary fermenter (glass carboys)

    At this point you can use whatever you can find. Half-gallon juice containers will work. DO NOT DILUTE with water, you'll lose the flavor.
  13. Chuck E


    @Handy Andy The rule of thumb, is to rack 3 days after the primary fermentation is completed and the wine is in the secondary. Then rack 3 weeks after that, and then 3 months after that. You can rack simply by siphoning the wine from one container to the other, no pump required (just a hose)...
  14. Chuck E

    Sediment in secondary fermenter (glass carboys)

    Yes, unfortunately, you want to leave the sediment behind. On the first rack off of the gross lees, I am not too concerned about getting some sediment into the next carboy. Another thing to do, is dump the sediment into a mason jar and put that in the fridge. It will settle further and you...
  15. Chuck E

    Cold soak using dry ice

    I have cats, so I have a lot of empty "kitty litter" buckets. They are square-ish and fit/stack much better in the freezer or refrigerator. Since litter is a form of Bentonite, I don't worry about any residue left after washing. This trick has allowed me to make wine on my time schedule...
  16. Chuck E


    I always get the wine off the gross lees pretty quick. I have left some white wine on the fine lees for a few months. This is a French technique (sur le lees?).
  17. Chuck E

    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    @capablanca Are you using enzymes in your musts?
  18. Chuck E

    A Program for Home Brew Wine Makers

    I try to "go metric," but I'm old and I don't think in metric. Consequently, I am forever going back and forth doing the conversions. That said, I do my chemistry in grams and liters, it makes the math easier. I keep notes on each batch I make in Word. I think the app should gently remind me...
  19. Chuck E

    The Bread Thread

    @ceeaton I made pizza last night for the in-laws. My stone was about 600F for the first pie and went down to 500F for the second, which took longer to cook. I had TOO MUCH trouble getting the pies to slide into the grill. Some people have mentioned using semolina under the pies. I've tried...
  20. Chuck E

    clean/reuse mesh bags

    I also use the paint strainer bags. I buy both the 2 gallon & 5 gallon sizes. Rinse them off with the hose, then pop them in the washing machine after I use. I soak them in sanitizer solution before using again.