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  1. JohnT

    Filtering Wine That Has Been Bottled

    I would uncork, decant them into a carboy, add k-meta, and wait for the wine to clear before re-bottling. another thing to do is to simply let the wine clear in the bottle, then decant before drinking.
  2. JohnT

    My latest project

    yup, I have never been in such great shape.
  3. JohnT

    My latest project

    Here is what I have been up to for the last several months. We have a deck/walkway consisting of 13 landings and 107 steps that goes from the house to the water. after being neglected for over 15 years, it needed work. I replaced all of the decking with composite. Here are some before and...
  4. JohnT

    My Birthday

    What a birthday I had on Saturday! Started hitting wineries at 11am. Hit a total of four that are only 15 minutes away from the house. Ended up buying a "passport" (coupon for free tastings at 50 participating wineries) that is good for the month of August. Came home to a steak dinner, then...
  5. JohnT

    pH and TA Madness

    .42 to .79 is a pretty wild swing (in the wrong direction). I would question your preferment tests. Not wanting to ask a stupid question, but are you sure of the calibration of your PH meter? how old is your TA kit? If all that is good, then can I ask if the test sample was strained...
  6. JohnT

    Novice Questions on Punch Down

    I am not too concerned is a few drops make it from one batch to another and have never really experienced any issues. I suppose that you could make a bucket of K-meta solution and give your tool a dunk in between each batch for peace of mind.
  7. JohnT

    Juice delivery day

    Anyone got a straw?????
  8. JohnT

    Several Batches with a similar off taste

    If I were to guess, the "aged bourbon barrel" taste sounds like oxidation. This can be controlled by first attempting to limit the exposure of your wine to air and (most importantly) maintain the correct PH and SO2 balance.
  9. JohnT

    H2S during MLF?

    It is a darn good theory. To get rid of mercaptans I use ascorbic acid / copper treatment. From my understanding, the ascorbic acid breaks the bonds, so that the copper can then address the sulfur issues. I am no chemist, and I am sure that you can argue the science, but this system works...
  10. JohnT

    Scale on variable capacity tanks?

    I do not spurge. I simply position the lid to the surface of the wine to minimize the amount of air in the tank. if your wine is stable (PH and SO2 Levels are balanced) then the little bit of air is never a problem. To be honest, I do not know for sure the exact pressure I pump up to. I...
  11. JohnT

    Scale on variable capacity tanks?

    WOOOPS! Sorry! Pi X diameter = the circumference of a circle, Pi X Radius Squared = the area of a circle. This stupid brain of mine farted again!
  12. JohnT

    Scale on variable capacity tanks?

    for mine ( I have 200l, 300l, and 500l tanks) made dip stick out of PVC pipe. That scale on the outside is not only inaccurate, but also useless because it is on the OUTSIDE of the tank. It is easy to calc the volume. 3.14 x diameter X length = volume.
  13. JohnT

    H2S during MLF?

    You need to address H2S as soon as you can. H2S can (over time) bond into other nasty compounds (eg mercaptans) that are harder to address. I recommend that you look into a product called redueless. It is not toxic like copper sulfsate and gives more control over copper dosage then simply...
  14. JohnT

    Broken Corks/Bottle Tops

    I do not soak my corks (and no, I am not going to post that SNL skit). I let them stand straight up for several days and then I lay the bottle down on their sides for long term storage. I use all natural #9 corks and very rarely have a problem.
  15. JohnT

    Interested in making sparkling wine? Here's how to disgorge!

    Close to what I have done. The wire tool is used to apply the twist. Insert hook through eyelets and spin.
  16. JohnT

    Acid question

    2.8 is a rather low ph. I would look into raising the PH with pot. bicarb. I do not think that 1/4 tsp of kmeta would prevent ec-1118 from kicking off. You do want the must to be warmer than 60 degrees, preferably over 70.
  17. JohnT

    My small workspace

    Very nice, but I would worry about that carpet. Spills and eruptions can happen. I would look into getting a large water proof mat (at least) that can be rolled up when not needed.
  18. JohnT

    ‘20 Spring wines (w/ crush pics)

    Real nice AJ! Looks like you got a fine crusher there.......
  19. JohnT

    Add grape to a a pail of Juice?

    Definitely! I found that pil juice does not have the same body as whole fruit must. This is because the pail juice does not have the same maceration. As the other posts, I would advise to NOT use a blender. Use clean feet and a bucket to break up the grapes (after destemming).
  20. JohnT

    Einstein’s Quantum Riddle

    So you are then well acquainted with George Boole?????