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  1. btom2004

    Buon Vino Mini Jet

    Never use hot water from the tap. It contains germs. Only use distilled water and the citric acid& potassium metabisulphite in the water.
  2. btom2004

    Are all airlocks created equal?

    Solid plugs are used on barrels, as you would be aging the wine there for a much extended period of time. Usually the wine is finished, with nothing further to do, but let it age. Where as air locks are used on carboys, to allow the gases to continusly escape during storage. This degases the...
  3. btom2004

    The HomeBrewSupply Wine Kit Giveaway!

    I just signed up for the newsletter. I would love to have the WineXpert eclipse Washington Columbia Valley Riesling wine kit.
  4. btom2004

    what is a renewal vine?

    Try looking at the many YouTube videos on the subject.
  5. btom2004

    Why does this never happen when I am there?!

    Wow great post I loved it.
  6. btom2004

    Has anyone heard from SammyK?

    I never knew he was a she? Prove it!
  7. btom2004

    How are wines named?

    Names are picked at random. What ever you want to call out will do.
  8. btom2004

    University of Minnesota wine making site

    Thanks for the link.
  9. btom2004

    strain thru a cheesecloth?

    If it is in the primary, just remove it the next time you stir your must.
  10. btom2004

    Behind the scenes

    Why is it clearer in the test tube than in the bottle? Did you add any finning agents at all? Will this wine clear more and drop sediment to the bottom of the bottle?
  11. btom2004


    I've chewed on lemon and lime skins and they don't taste good . I guess the extracts must add the aroma of the fruit, I just can't see it tasting like the fruit. I'm just talking about these fruit . It sounds great for the other items being used . I just don't think oily bitter alcohol will...
  12. btom2004


    Nice thread, I'll have to start making some extracts. I didn't see anyone using any of the juices from the fruit. Is there a reason for this? Will the zest of a lemon or lime actually taste like the fruit? Or will it simply taste like oily skin in alcohol? If so this won't make a tasty wine.
  13. btom2004

    Gelatin filtering - a better f-pac?

    I'll add some sugar, syrup and the strawberries I have into the gelatin. This way I'll be sure to get color and flavor. You have to remove some wine to backsweeten. I won't worry about diluting the wine. I start my SG's abit higher to begin with.
  14. btom2004

    My new grape/apple press basket

    Ok...wow nice job. I may just be able to make one of those. Thanks!
  15. btom2004

    Rapid Fermentations

    Yes I've had two recent wines ferment to dry, in three to four days.
  16. btom2004

    Need help identifying this

    Thanks for coming to help grapeman, that's some nasty looking stuff there.
  17. btom2004

    Need help identifying this

    I've No idea of what that is. I've posted to bump this thread, for further assistance from other members. I'm starting a small vineyard and may need to know more about this.
  18. btom2004

    Peach Won't Clear

    If you are like me you won't rest until it's clear. There was no detectable flavor change. Go ahead and vaccum rack wine into clean carboy, with super kleer solution inside; so that you rack wine onto clearing agent. Also you need to make sure to degas.
  19. btom2004

    Man makes booze inside himself

    :ib:ib :ib:d
  20. btom2004

    Need Help Starting New Vinyard

    Thanks. I'll add some compost around the holes, so that it seeps into the root collection area. I've read, that there is little or no benifit to placing it into the holes. ; as vines seem to prefer sandy rockier soil with good drainage.