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    Wanted to buy: Manual Crusher/Destemmer

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I was on here! Been busy with life and work and all that, but still making wine. Actually in the first stages of starting a small winery with my brother! I'm looking for a manual grape crusher/destemmer. I'm looking at a bigger harvest than last year, and...
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    Stop Magic Hat's corporate bullying

    A local brewer in Lexington, KY is being sued by Magic Hat, claiming that their logo copied Magic Hat's logo. I don't see much of a resemblance myself. Follow the link for more information and to see the logo yourself. (And sign the petition!)
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    RJ Spagnols En Primeur Chilean Merlot

    I bottled this 3 months ago, and I ended up trying a bottle tonight. I know I should give it more time, but I don't have a lot of stock like some of you guys! I do limit myself to 3 month intervals though. Anyways, this one has already dropped out a lot of wine diamonds, and that is a good...
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    Found this neat infographic

    Breaks down all the different types of wine: Click on the smaller picture and it brings up a larger version. It's handy to have them all layed out like this to get an overall picture of the wine world.
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    Mosti Mondiale Amarone and FVW St. Patricks Day sale

    I've been wanting to do a MM kit, since it's the only brand available to me that I haven't done yet. Then I check out the finevinewines website and they are having a St. Patrick's day sale - 10% off a bunch of MM kits. I was hoping my next kit would be an Amarone. The sale includes the...
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    How's this for traditional winemaking? Traditional winemaking is interesting and all that, but I'm sure a pair of shorts wouldn't hurt the wine too much.
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    I think my FedEx guy is either an klepto or a beer/wine maker

    So this is the second time this has happened to me. I make an order online and keep track of it through FedEx's website. I see it has been delivered (on front porch it says). I come home, nothing there. The first time no one was home, so who knows what happened? I called FedEx, and the...
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    Norton - Petite Sirah

    Back in September, I harvested my Nortons and only ended up with 14 lbs, so I decided to use them in a juice bucket. I thought grenache would be a good match, but in the end I decided to try a petite sirah bucket. The mlf just finished up and I racked it tonight. Of course I ended up with...
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    Cellar Craft Share some kit racking tips please!

    I've been making wine for several years now, but I'm a newbie to kits, I have 4 under my belt now, and I'm noticing differences in racking between what I used to make and kits. What I notice is that when I rack from primary my auto-siphon seems to struggle to stay unclogged, particularly with...
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    MLF bacteria storage question

    I bought some VP-41 MLF bacteria for this fall's reds. It says it's good for 66 gallons, and I only have 12 gallons, so I'd like to keep it for some spring stuff and maybe even next fall. I'd say I used a little more than I needed in each carboy, but I have plenty left over. So, is it safe...
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    Other Tempranillo or Rioja kit suggestions

    I've just recently discovered that spanish wines are fantastic, I had a tempranillo about a month ago that was wonderful, and tonight I had my first Rioja, which is also pretty good. I had another spanish wine about 2 years ago, and apparently I chose poorly, because it was awful, can't...
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    Norton harvest + musings on spiders

    So I decided it was a good day to harvest my nortons, I have 9 vines, but we had a late frost, and only one produced anything significant. It's somewhat sheltered, unlike the rest, which are out on the trellis. I ended up with just shy of 14 lbs, with 13.5 lbs of that from the one vine. I...
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    Other Cagnina di Romagna This is my wife's favorite wine, it's a sweet red. To me it tastes like a soft red wine that happens to be sweet, not my favorite, but she loves it. I looked at the island mist series, but this wine doesn't really have a fruity taste to it...
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    grape orders in jeopardy!

    I finally found a place near-ish to me that does both juice bucket and grape orders. But, this year the grape interest is low apparently, and when I placed my order they told me it was not certain that they would get enough orders to make it worthwhile. I was really hoping to get some fresh...
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    White House Honey Ale Not a beer maker myself, but I enjoy a good one every now and then and found this cool.
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    Cellar Craft Question about labels in the kit

    Both of my CC kits that I have come with labels, and I was thinking about using them, but I don't want to unless they come off easily. I have label paper that I usually use that peels off easily, making it easy to reuse the bottle. Has anyone used these? How easy are they to get back off...
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    Grape to blend with Norton?

    I love Norton as it is, but it is definitely needs long term aging. So I had the thought that maybe a blend with another grape would yield a good wine that could be drank a little earlier. The first grape that came to mind was grenache - low acid, low tannins, seems like a good fit to...
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    Cellar Craft Enzyme pack in Old Vine Zinfandel kit

    My CC old vine zinfandel kit had a packet labeled "Enzyme Packet". What exactly is this? Pectic Enzyme? It says to add it in step 2, after primary fermentation.
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    Neem oil as a fungicide

    I'm looking for opinions on how neem oil works as a fungicide. It claims on the bottle that it works for black rot, powdery mildew, and a few others. I bought a bottle since it wasn't too expensive anyways, and I applied it today. It says to apply every 7 days until infection is under...
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    Why Don't local restaurants serve local wine?

    I stumbled onto this article: which is something I have wondered about before as well. This is also discussed in "The Wild Vine" concerning the lack of Missouri wines in Missouri...
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