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  1. dmguptill

    Oak Chips Inc.

    Has anyone ordered oak from oak chips, inc.? I generally use cubes in my kits, as they seem to be the best balance between cost and flavor. I got some samples from these guys a while back, used them in a kit and was really happy with the results. They told me they do small...
  2. dmguptill

    Juice Bucket H2S Issue?

    I have a cab juice bucket from Chile I'm doing. Got it on Thursday, it didn't start fermenting even though it was supposedly inoculated. I realized temps were a bit cold. So I brought it upstairs where it's 70F, still didn't ferment. So yesterday I rehydrated some rc212 and added it, and it...
  3. dmguptill

    WineXpert Eclipse Stag Leap Merlot Extended Maceration

    I know there are a couple threads out there for this kit, but I have only seen a few comments here and there about doing it as an extended maceration. I plan to do this one as the same way as the other couple extended maceration kits I have done: 8-9 weeks on the skins. @jgmann67 I know in...
  4. dmguptill

    Other Master Vintner Sommelier Select Nebbiolo - Looking For Tweaks!

    I've had this kit sitting in the basement for a while, and I'm itching to give it a try. Curious if anyone has made it, or has suggestions. I don't see too many Master Vintner kits discussed on the forums here, maybe because you have to get them from midwest or northern brewer and their online...
  5. dmguptill

    WineXpert Label Peeler Promotions

    Hey everyone! I've been making kit wine for almost two years now and I don't have the biggest budget for wine making, so I'm always looking for good deals for wine kits. Label Peelers currently seems to have a wine kit promotion where you can get a WE Eclipse kit for around $130 including...
  6. dmguptill

    Other Juice bucket post fermentation acid addition

    I've got a couple Chilean juice buckets and when I tasted them after fermentation they definitely seemed flabby and flat. I tossed them on oak cubes, but I got a pH meter to see where the pH is at and they are both around 3.7-3.8. Can I safely add tartaric at this point to bring the pH down...
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