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    Coconut water during ferment?

    Anyone use some coconut water in your recipe during the ferment for a tropical wine? In contemplating it to get a little of that flavor.
  2. K

    Cranberry hard lemonade stuck

    Hello, I made a 6 gallon batch of this, started with spg of 1.070 and a temp of 70 degrees, pitched yeast on 12/30 with a yeast starter. Fermented down to 1.050 and stalled, added another packet of EC-118 and nothing happened. I hydrated yet another pack of EC_118 and pitched it on 1/7 my spg...
  3. K

    Fermentation after stabilization?

    So I racked my wine from the primary into a 6 gallon carboy, spg was .997. Used metabisulfite and sorbate, added clearing agent, weird thing is there is bubbling and gas escaping the airlock, any thoughts?
  4. K

    Acidic wine

    What is a good yeast for acidic wine, used EC-118 in some hard lemonade, its been 3 days and hasn't started yet? Thanks
  5. K

    SP wont start

    Hydrated yeast, pitched it on Feb 21st temp 60, spg 1.075. As if today no fermentation, should I do a starter? I used EC-118
  6. K

    Super kleer issues

    I recently made a 6 gallon batch of blueberry beet wine. Fermentation went fine, when spg dropped to .994 I degassed added sorbate and metabisulphate, then I added super kleer. I noticed in the carboy after 2 days heavy skum and crud formed at the top of the car boy and flowed out the airlock...
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