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  1. bruno

    Has anyone purchased vines from Double A Vineyards?

    I purchased almost 1500 vines from Double A 3 years ago. Shipment was made promptly on the due date. The first year, I lost 26 plants which they replaced under warranty. Good people to deal with.
  2. bruno


    Just the floating lids.
  3. bruno


    I purchased 8 - 80 gallon variable volume tanks 1 year ago. They're great. Not disappointed. I plan on adding more.
  4. bruno

    Steaming Elderberries !

    I'm steaming elderberries as I'm writing this. Leaving the stems on. Did it last year this way and had no harmful effects. The wine was probably one of the best I have ever made.
  5. bruno

    Great value lemon juice

    I used Great Value one time and could not get it to clear.
  6. bruno

    Generic Lemon Juice

    I tried a batch using generic lemon juice and could not get it to clear no matter what I tried.
  7. bruno

    Maple Sap/syrup problems..

    That's strange. My 60 gallon batch of maple sap wine has now fermented out all the way and remained "watery" all the way.
  8. bruno

    Maple Sap

    My 60-gallon batch is moving right along. SG started at 1.07, now down to about 1.03. I also added yeast energizer at the beginning. I used the zest fro 60 lemons along with the cloves, and heated the mixture for about 1/2 hour in just enough maple sap to cover the mixture. Strained it and...
  9. bruno

    Maple Syrup wine

    I'm turning it all into wine. Went out yesterday and purchased 150#'s of sugar since the beginning SG is only 1.008. Also 60 lemons and a bunch of cloves. Have the sap in a 80 gallon flex tank. Temp was 36 degrees when we got it, wrapped the flext tank with an electric blanket and some two-sided...
  10. bruno

    Maple Syrup wine

    Here it is, right off Jack Kellers website. MAPLE SAP WINE * 1 gallon maple sap * up to 2½ lbs granulated sugar * 1 large or 2 small lemons * 12-15 cloves * 1/8 tsp tannin * 1 tsp yeast nutrient * 1 pkt Reisling wine yeast First measure the specific...
  11. bruno

    Maple Syrup wine

    I just picked up 60 gallons of maple sap to make into wine.
  12. bruno

    Maple Syrup Wine

    I made maple sap wine several years ago. It came out very good but did not taste like maple syrup, more like a spiced, mulled wine. Jack Keller's recipe.
  13. bruno

    Argon for topping up

    I've been using argon for everything from 5 gal carboys to 80 gallon Flextanks. Seems to work well.
  14. bruno

    Steam juicer question

    That seems to make a lot of sense.
  15. bruno

    Bottle size

    I made a real nice raspberry chocolate port. Question is do you think this type of port should be bottled in a 750ml or 375ml bottle? Aren't ports usually sold in 750's? Or does it matter.
  16. bruno

    Steam juicer question

    I have never added water, and have had mixed results. Some wines came out perfect, and others almost had too much of a hard fruity taste, if that makes any sense. I'm thinking maybe I should have watered it down somewhat.
  17. bruno

    Steam juicer question

    Are you supposed to dilute the juice with water from a steam juicer before making it into wine, or do you just use the juice only as is?
  18. bruno

    Hot Strawberry Chocolate Wine

    Yes, I know. I think I had a brain f**t that day.
  19. bruno

    Hot Strawberry Chocolate Wine

    Yes, it was Jack Kellers strawberry wine recipe #2. 15# fresh strawberries 2.5# chopped golden raisins 12.5# brown sugar 10 tsp citric acid 3/4 tsp tannin water to 5 gal used blended mixture of Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa blended into must The wine has cleared nicely, but I just wanted...
  20. bruno

    Hot Strawberry Chocolate Wine

    I made 3 gallons of chocolate strawberry wine. My problem is that it ended up at about 17% abv. It's still in the carboy and has cleared nicely. I'm looking for suggestions of what I can add to the wine to dilute it so the alcohol level comes down to a normal range. I would like to add something...