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  1. oldwino

    Should I allow juce to rest before adding yeast?

    There are as many ways to make wine as their are wine makers. The wine still turns out OK. I just prefer pectic enzyme or bentonite. I was just pointing out that pectic enzyme is not very viable above 75 degrees. If you do use it above 75 and the wine doesn't clear as well as it should it is...
  2. oldwino

    Potassium metabisulfite solution mix ratio?

    Many wine makers use potassium metabisulphate for cleaning. I use one step because I get lazy. Using one step I don't have to rinse afterwards. However, after I clean a carboy and get ready for it to be stored for later use I throw in a few whole campden tablets, pour in a couple cups of water...
  3. oldwino

    Should I allow juce to rest before adding yeast?

    One thing about clearing I have noticed. For years before I added tannin to all my wine I noticed that my wines aged on oak were much clearer than the wines not aged on oak. I had thought that the oak was soaking up the garbage. Actually I found out the tannin not only makes wine keep longer...
  4. oldwino

    Should I allow juce to rest before adding yeast?

    In the primary. If you do use it use a slurry mix first otherwise it will be a mud ball as you add it. I draw out a few ounces of wine and get it well mixed before re-adding to the wine.
  5. oldwino

    Stabilization Of Wine

    YIPES!!!!!!If you follow those directions your wine will taste like crap in a few weeks. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER add potassium sorbate without adding campden. Your wine will take on a geranium flavor i.e. taste. That is in Jack Keller's wine 101.
  6. oldwino

    Should I allow juce to rest before adding yeast?

    74 is a pretty good temp to ferment at. No problem there. However, many wine makers have wine that doesn't clear very well or not at all. They use everkleer later etc. That is because pectic enzyme is no longer viable at 75 and above. If you plan on fermenting at higher temps you may want to...
  7. oldwino

    Replacing Fresh Fruit in Wine with Vintner's Harvest Base

    Wade, How do you determine the difference between the sugar in the fruit and sugar in the juice that is in the primary before it breaks down without a refractometer? Do we guess at that measurement? Seems to me all fruits off the vine do not have the same Brix. Am I missing something?
  8. oldwino

    Jugs Question

    Those #2 stoppers are 5/8 inch on the bottom and 3/4 inch on the top and you can get them solid or drilled for an air lock. They run about 60 cents each and made of rubber.
  9. oldwino

    my wine hasen't started formenting yet!

    I started making wine in 1973. What may seem very mundane and simple to me may be overwhelming to someone who has not made wine before. Sometimes my thoughts are along the line of why don't you read a wine book? But I can remember my first wine and everything was turning to crap. I panicked. To...
  10. oldwino

    Replacing Fresh Fruit in Wine with Vintner's Harvest Base

    I agree with Wade E. You do not want rocket fuel. That is not the purpose of making wine. Wine is to enjoy with your meal or snacks etc. If you have not made wine before I would not recommend you jump in with both feet and try to make up your own recipe, or maybe even use fresh or frozen fruit...
  11. oldwino

    Real Fruit Wine SG reading?

    Cherryfrench, starting SG minus ending SG divided by .00736 equals approx alcohol. You have just discovered that all fruit off of the vine are not equal in sugar. If you plan on making a lot of wine with fresh or frozen fruit a good investment would be an ATC refractometer. Squeeze that...
  12. oldwino

    Campden tablet specks?

    Oops! I just assumed they would know that. Thanks for pointing it out. Sometimes I forget that a new wine maker would not know that.
  13. oldwino

    Milk Jugs

    I found out about plastics a couple of years ago when spraying chemicals. Different plastics for different things. The bottles may be good for milk but not alcohol.
  14. oldwino

    grocery store juice wine

    Walmart has a "Sams 100% concord grape juice" in gallon containers. It only has absorbic acid for a preservative. Comes right out of the container at an SG of 1.045 (many manufacturers set their SG at that level for fruit juices) I started one of these in July of this year and I used 6 gallons...
  15. oldwino

    Should I filter a Port?

    Wade E is right, if you wait long enough everything will drop out. Before I bought my buon filter I just filtered through a muslin cloth in the funnel. Catches most of the big stuff. Hopefully everything else has fallen. Some people actually age their wine for 8 months.
  16. oldwino

    Campden tablet specks?

    I hate to admit my mistakes but years ago when I first started making wine I was sold the powder. I added too much and never did get that wine to ferment. Especially for a new wine maker I suggest the campden tablets, one to a gallon. Then after fermentation 1 to a gallon every other racking or...
  17. oldwino

    Replacing Fresh Fruit in Wine with Vintner's Harvest Base

    The Vintner's puree has the recipe on the can for making 5 gallons of wine. Below that recipe they have another recipe which they claim makes a fuller body wine and it makes 3 gallons. I have not made the raspberry. I made a cherry wine with vintner's puree a few years ago and used 1 can for the...
  18. oldwino

    Muscadine wine

    If you have problems with birds you may check on the web for bird netting. The netting I purchased is 14 ft wide and comes in 100 ft rolls. They have longer rolls but more that 50 ft long is hard to handle. If you can't find the netting I can furnish a supplier I get mine from on the web.
  19. oldwino

    Campden tablet specks?

    If you don't have one I would recommend you buy a mortar and pestal. Mine is made out of ceramic and works well to really crush the campden. Other things you may or may not add to your wine that actually need a slurry first or they will end up being a mudball and not mixing well is bentonite...