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  1. Vinobeau

    Adding Flower Petals: Hibiscus

    I've made a fair amount of Cherry wines and Hibiscus Flower wines, but have never blended them. I usually blend when there is some kind of problem that I want to fix, and then it is after the batches are completed. When I start out knowing that I will blend, I make each wine, and basically...
  2. Vinobeau

    Wine for 1st Grandson's 21st bday!

    On 9/5, I started out with 13 lbs of the Wild Grapes and froze them for a couple of days. I thawed and crushed them and stole 3 cups of juice to make jelly. Added 4 cups of water and let it sit for 12 hrs. Then added 2 cups of sugar and 2 Campden tabs and let it sit 12 hrs, SG was 1.090...
  3. Vinobeau

    Wine for 1st Grandson's 21st bday!

    Many years ago, I got turned on to Vintage Port wine. There was a tradition to procure bottles of the Port from the year of your child's birth and other significant events. The idea being that they will both be of age at the same time. I started with a 1977 Quady Port and just continued to...
  4. Vinobeau

    Wild Grape Suggestions Please

    I have rarely made a solo Wild Grape wine - I usually blend with Labrusca, Elderberries, Red Tomatoes or Mulberries, in different combinations. In 2007, I made a Port, using 8 2/3 pounds per gallon, no other fruits, except the common chemicals. Last month, I performed my first taste of the...
  5. Vinobeau

    Other peoples wines

    No, I don't have a seaplane. I just live next to the SeaPlane Base. Sorry for the delay, was in Canada actually catching fish.
  6. Vinobeau

    Other peoples wines

    Did you get a chance to stop by the Sea Plane Base?
  7. Vinobeau

    Sour Cherry - done!

    I see that they're ripe! It seems a bit early. I usually use between 4 - 5 pounds per gallon. 45 years ago, I only used 3 1/2. Do you back sweeten? If so, to what SG? To me, 100% sounds too harsh.
  8. Vinobeau

    Cherry wine

  9. Vinobeau

    The use of Rose Petals in a recipe

    Be sure to add some sprigs of dill to a few of the bottles!
  10. Vinobeau

    Best Flowers or Herbs for Wine or Mead

    Yes fresh, and they are rather small, only 5 petals on each flower.
  11. Vinobeau

    Best Flowers or Herbs for Wine or Mead

    Wild Rose petals, 2 quarts per gallon. Dried Hibiscus flowers, 2 oz per gallon. Dill is my main choice for an herb, usually added to the two flowers noted. On a side note, leaves are a great option; grape leaves & tendrils, Black Walnut leaves, Maple leaves, and Oak leaves make for interesting...
  12. Vinobeau

    Caraway Wine - I'm going for it!

    Here is a page with lots of ideas for you!! I've done a number of them, albeit slightly adjusted. Recipes for home brew wine making from Wine World FDW It was the Dill & Hibiscus that turned me on to the dill. I add that to many flower wines, Hibiscus, Rose petal, Heather & Elderflower.
  13. Vinobeau

    Looking for a semisweet red

    If you are in a rural area, look for wild grapes. You only need about 3 pounds per gallon and you will need to back sweeten the wine.
  14. Vinobeau

    Hibiscus and black tea wines

    When you bottle the wine, add a couple of springs of dill to the bottles. The Hibiscus & Dill flavors meld very nicely!
  15. Vinobeau

    22 year old "country" wine

    Last Friday, I opened a 1973 Christian Brothers Vintage Port to celebrate our 50th Anniversary. I was a little surprised that it only had a T-cork, whick broke off with the first turn. The wine was very good.
  16. Vinobeau

    Red clover wine - I'm going for it!

    How much clover per gallon did you use?
  17. Vinobeau

    Mango grapevwine

    I would make two separate batches and then blend them after 9 - 12 months.
  18. Vinobeau

    Maple Wine - suggestions appreciated

    If you're into trying oddities, next spring try some Black Walnut Leaf wine! It turned out quite nice.
  19. Vinobeau

    Cranberry and Grape Wine Blend

    I'm a bit late in joining this, but I have often blended Cranberry with Wild Grape wine. I've usually blended to improve / mellow, the grape wine, but not always. I've also blended Elderberry with the Cranberry.