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  1. cimbaliw

    Speidel Plastic Fermenter Drain Port Revision

    Hey folks, I meant to post the attached document two years ago, please excuse the covid delay. Regardless, I've been very happy with the mod, no leaks or contaminations two years after the revision. BC
  2. cimbaliw

    Thread sealant or other solution?

    Thanks guys. After some research I found 1" bulkheads and will just replace the plastic spigot port on the fermenters. I'll probably use a dremmel cut off wheel to clean up the exterior surface. Here are pictures of the rough fit. The bulkheads are here.
  3. cimbaliw

    Thread sealant or other solution?

    Hi Folks, it's been a long time since I've darkened the doorway of winemakingtalk. Anyway, a couple of years ago I purchased two Speidel 60L fermenters and have really enjoyed working with them. Over time, tightening the spigots had caused the threaded edge where the spigot screws on to curl...
  4. cimbaliw

    To chap or not to chap? Dolcetto juice bucket

    Thanks for the responses. I have to agree that for the few years I've been fermenting juice buckets they've been consistent with SG ~1.080-1.100. Unless I hear otherwise from the vendor, I am not going to chap the must. BC
  5. cimbaliw

    To chap or not to chap? Dolcetto juice bucket

    Yeast has not been added
  6. cimbaliw

    To chap or not to chap? Dolcetto juice bucket

    Hello everyone, long time no post. Anyway, I picked up juice buckets yesterday, two lambrusco and two dolcetto. The dolcetto was a little active at the blow off vent of the bucket so I assumed that fermemtation had started. The must was cool enough to form water condensation on the bucket...
  7. cimbaliw

    Fermenter options

    Nice setup NorCal thanks for the response
  8. cimbaliw

    Fermenter options

    Thanks guys. Are the spigots on the speidel tanks useful for transfers or do you still find it necessary to use racking canes?
  9. cimbaliw

    Fermenter options

    Hi Everyone. I want to upgrade my fermenters. Currently using plastic pails, I make wine from kits and juice buckets as well as Skeeter Pee and Dragon's Blood. I tend to double up and make 10-12 gallon batches and want 2 larger capacity fermeners. Everything is on the table from the humble...
  10. cimbaliw

    flat taste from juice buckets

    I've made a Chilean Zin (last spring) and two Cali Pinot Noirs (Fall 2016) that have very little flavor. My process was simple, I added some tannin and RC 212 and eventually some oak cubes. I did not check acid content but wondered if acid is what's lacking. Any thoughts? BC
  11. cimbaliw

    How many bottles are in your cellar?

    Anybody hiding a "Methuselah" in their cellar? noun | muh-THOO-zuh-luh Definition 1 an ancestor of Noah held to have lived 969 years 2 an oversize wine bottle holding about six liters
  12. cimbaliw

    Cold stabilization mistake?

    I'm no chemist but I have to think that once tartaric acid has cold precipitated from a supersaturated aqueous solution... it ain't goin' back into solution.
  13. cimbaliw

    Sulfur off-odors question

    Completely unscientific but I've found through trial and error, with RC212 yeast, that racking by itself may be enough to rid off odors, as with your situation. Specifically, the lees alone seem contain the off odors. This has been the case when I have fed the RC212. When the RC212 was not...
  14. cimbaliw

    Cork Branding Iron

    I use return address labels
  15. cimbaliw


    I hoist my glass for your father John and a second pull for your mother. We lost Cathy's dad to dementia in 2010 and my dad to prostate cancer in 2012. Both were tough to take. All that's left are the fond memories and the life lessons they shared. That and a few cubic feet of "treasures."...
  16. cimbaliw

    How many bottles are in your cellar?

    Between bulk and bottle I usually have ~500 bottle's worth. This allows for a minimum of 9-12 month aging with a max of about 2-2.5 years before batch extinction. I am planning on going up to a 750 bottle's worth rotation to push the minimum closer to two years. My thought is to augment bulk...
  17. cimbaliw

    convert Tannin Riche to tsp?

    Thanks Stressbaby, very helpful!
  18. cimbaliw

    convert Tannin Riche to tsp?

    My kitchen scale doesn't seem to be sensitive enough to ferret out 2gm of Tannin Riche. I took a stab and added about a 1 TSB/6gal but wondered if anybody had a quick conversion
  19. cimbaliw


    Congratulations Julie, Enjoy!
  20. cimbaliw

    Contaminated batch or a visit from ancient astronauts?

    Thanks for the reassurance. The more I look at the image the less it looks like a colony-type growth. The carboy had been stored upright with about a half of a cup of Kmeta to keep it sanitized during storage.