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  1. CellaredGnome

    Apple Cider Wine

    I tried a recipe similar to this not that long ago and although the wine tasted great the color turned a clear brown (dark beer color). Does anyone know what might be done diffrent to achieve a little more astheticly pleasing color?
  2. CellaredGnome

    I need some clarity

    I am making a batch of Apricot/Peach and everything has been going great but about two weeks ago I racked it for the fourth time and it hasn't cleared at all. Any suggestions?
  3. CellaredGnome

    Homemade Fruit Press Plans?

    That is extremely nice Wade. The screw mechanism is almost identical to the one I got from the stool that I have and I have lots of Red Oak to use for the rest.
  4. CellaredGnome

    Homemade Fruit Press Plans?

    Has anyone seen plans for making a homemade fruit press or crusher? I'm a fairly handy sort of woodworker who would like the challenge of building my own. My ideas mostly start with the use of a doctors stool (the metal kind that you screw the seat up and down to raise and lower) and modify it...
  5. CellaredGnome

    You know you're a winemaker when....

    Here Lately I have been using my parents and neighbor to supply my bottles. I have become very fond of a bottle my neighbor provides me that is frosted like an arbor mist bottle but requires a cork instead of a cap. The reason is that with the Avery label software I use I am able to create...
  6. CellaredGnome

    Cranberry Wine

    What I have found is that the wine is so good that I have difficulty letting it age properly. The Strawberry/Rhubarb Melomel I made started off with 30 bottles upon completion and within a week was already down to 19 (due as much to my family as myself). I suspect that the...
  7. CellaredGnome

    Cranberry Wine

    I was considering the Idea of a Cranberry pomegranite recipe as well as I have sampled the ocean spray stuff before and love it.
  8. CellaredGnome

    Pecan Wine Recipe?

    I have three large Pecan Trees in my yard and I happen to love most pecan based recipes (Pecan Pie, Pecan Turtles, ect.) Does anyone have a good recipe for Pecan Wine? I have considered using an almond wine recipe I have and simply substituting Pecans.
  9. CellaredGnome

    Hello From the Metro St Louis Area

    The Melomel did indeed turn out great. My next project will be Cranberry/Pomegranate Claret & after that I will be in search of a Pecan Wine recipe. I have considered simply substituting Pecans in place of almonds in a recipe I have for Almond wine. :xmas
  10. CellaredGnome

    Hello From the Metro St Louis Area

    I posted a link in the recipes section
  11. CellaredGnome

    Pimpkin Wine

    Someone said that they were llooking for a pumpkin wine recipe. I found a terific one on Jack Kellers site: I modified it slightly by using a reduced ammount of Brown Sugar instead of White & adding Cinnamon Sticks, nutmeg and allspice to give...
  12. CellaredGnome

    Competitions Near St Louis?

    Can anyone tell me where there are competitions near St Louis MO?
  13. CellaredGnome

    Hello From the Metro St Louis Area

    It called for shredded Punpkin but I found a nifty little device that is designed to make fine cut french fries which I used to (pardon the pun) cut down the labor portion of shredding the flesh. I am a little hesitant to repost Jacks recipe but I'll post a link to it.
  14. CellaredGnome

    Aged Kit

    I'm personally of the opinion that if it moves, Ferment it. If it turns out great, Drink it, If it is good, serve it to friends, If its OK, serve it to family & If it turns out awful, dump it.:sm
  15. CellaredGnome

    Hello From the Metro St Louis Area

    I used a modified version of Jack Kellers Recipe ( I used a reduced ammount of Brown Sugar instead of White and added Cinnamon Sticks, nutmeg and allspice to give it more of a "baked pumpkin" pie flavor)
  16. CellaredGnome

    Hello From the Metro St Louis Area

    Hello All, My Name is James and I just moved here from northeastern Missouri (I'm about 30 miles East of Downtown St Louis on the Illinois Side of the river). This is a hobby that I practiced when I was younger and Have recently revived with a vengance. I recently quit smoking and diverted...