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  1. CGI

    Festa Brew Series

    Hi all - I just purchased and will be making a couple beers from this series. I will keep you posted!
  2. CGI

    Any other motorcyclists in here...

    I ride an x-500 across town, and sometimes to work. It saves on fuel! Yeah, cool went out the window when I bought this baby.
  3. CGI

    How many carboys is too many?

    :h Yeah, I guess my post didn't paint me in a positive light. LOL! I meant, 6 carboys is plenty no matter how much I was in the mood to make. :b
  4. CGI

    How many carboys is too many?

    I have six 6-gallon carboys. Generally for personal use that is plenty to have 2-3 batches on the go... for me that's a lot.
  5. CGI

    Vineco Founders Series; German Reisling

    Phooey! No, I haven't and have not seen it. I will request it from the local store I buy through. Thank you for the suggestion. I also bottled the FS Italian Brunello. It is very good for a young wine with very full body... very full. I suspect this wine will be awesome in 3-6 months.
  6. CGI

    Vineco Founders Series; German Reisling

    I just bottled a batch and this is a good one. In fact, I just bought another because I sense this will go fast!
  7. CGI

    I need a new high end kit to start, any suggestions?

    I'll add Ken Ridge Founders Series Grenache / Syrah / Mourvedre blend. Absolutely awesome.
  8. CGI

    It hasn't gotten dark in weeks!

    Yeah, that's gotta be facinating. There is a reverse effect in Winter... from when to when?
  9. CGI

    Vineco Chocolate Port

    Thanks for the info! Will try to get my hands on a kit.
  10. CGI

    Aging Wine

    I know there are many variables... but would it be safe to say "most" wines peak @1 year? I realize this is not 100 percent fact, but I guess I'm trying to say that if you drink a 1yr old... chances are it will be near it's best?
  11. CGI

    Whats the oldest bottle in your rack ?

    So... what will you do with all of it? Share?
  12. CGI

    Whats the oldest bottle in your rack ?

    I never thought we were the only ones... but glad to hear it! :b PS: Another bottle going right now... Ahh!
  13. CGI

    New Wine Club

    I'll say the obvious; music and an atmosphere. For me that would be light jazz. I gotta tell ya... we buy a lot of "exotic" cheeses and tend to like these on the weekend as a snack with wine. Outside of that, just tasting varieties is what its all about!
  14. CGI

    Whats the oldest bottle in your rack ?

    A dark basement nook, racked. Temp holds a steady 67 with RH ~60. I wish it was slightly cooler but - at least - its rock steady in regards to fluctuations. I don't intend to keep my wines for long periods. Once they hit 6mo... they are pretty well set into our rotation to consume and give...
  15. CGI

    Whats the oldest bottle in your rack ?

    I got some 5-7yr olds in controlled storage, but for the most part I consume or distribute mine from 6mo to 1yr. My wife and I enjoy a bottle regularly... :)
  16. CGI

    Dr. Pepper Wine

    No doubt! With the elimination of traditional weed control products Ontario is dandelion country.
  17. CGI

    Rubber Seal in the Primary Lid

    Hi Steve - I'm doing 6 US gallon, with crush packs. No problem. My bucket has about 3" head space when fermenting. No foam-over issues... all good. I just bottled a Ken Ridge Founders Chilean Tres Tinto... wow! Good straight away! Time will make this one great! Got an Italian...
  18. CGI

    Rubber Seal in the Primary Lid

    Steve - What size kits do you make? I'm doing 6-gal kits and this bucket works quite nicely.
  19. CGI

    Rubber Seal in the Primary Lid

    It's this rubber ring;
  20. CGI

    Rubber Seal in the Primary Lid

    Gotcha. I'm strictly making kits and following advice from the store I deal with for supplies. They are an on premise wine store and place their lids loosely but not snap close for the first 5-7 days, then transfer to the secondary. I have been doing this with good success as well. I...