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  1. zappoid

    Carbonic maceration: how long?

    Thank you for your care, today I opened it, destemmed and crushed. So far I don't see much difference If I crushed it week before.
  2. zappoid

    Carbonic maceration: how long?

    Hi everybody! Last Saturday I started my second winemaking season: I have bought early ripe hybrid grapes Monarch, 110 kg, just couldn't wait anymore! All grapes I divided on three parts: two parts for regular alcoholic fermentation with different yeasts, and third part I put in plastic barrel...
  3. zappoid

    Operation Massa Family Red - Muscat-Alicante-Zinfandel

    So what is your opinion about Fermentis hd135? I'm going to use it this season.
  4. zappoid

    Bulk aging acceleration tips/tricks...

    Perfectly said 👍.
  5. zappoid

    French winemaking term explanation

    So, how to translate "100% charpenté without pigéage"?
  6. zappoid

    French winemaking term explanation

    Youtube is bad, but guy's wines are really good
  7. zappoid

    French winemaking term explanation

    On attached link for Youtube video Les vins de Terroir al limits, the guy is saying he stopped doing pigéage (punch down), and started something I did not recognize but sound as carpentier. Maybe someone can explain what winemaking technique they use? Thank you.
  8. zappoid

    Yeast Nutrients

    Summarizing all above: in case I do the same batch, may I use previous batch gross lees as both yeast starter (pied de cuve) and extra source of nutrition?
  9. zappoid

    Wild/natural yeast fermentation - no more commercial yeast! ??

    What I've read, thiamine is good to add for native yeast successful development. Will try next season.
  10. zappoid

    Yeast round table article

    Good article. But still unclear: 1. I read a lot of recommendations about to have proper nutrition for the yeast. But how I learn is it enough or poor. To add unneeded nutritions means to add nutritions for spoilage bacteria. 2. This is new idea for me: to add MLF bacteria in 2-3 days after...
  11. zappoid

    Yeast round table article

    Thank you for pointing out. I almost missed this difference (reds and whites).
  12. zappoid

    Yeast round table article

    Thank you. It is always not too early to get prepared to new season. Regarding sur lee: most of protocols are saying to do it after first rack, after removing gross lees, but some saying leave gross lees. There should be difference in handling.
  13. zappoid

    Yeast round table article

    I wonder what means in simple english autolysis capacity?
  14. zappoid

    Some experiments with yeast strains, MLF and blending

    Did you adjust tartaric acid at any stage?
  15. zappoid

    Looking for orange/maceration winemaking tips

    I had to use 2 sieves: one for replacing and cleaning during pressing. Next year I want to try make white fresh crispy wine, but not sure I will manage to keep right temperature, only after retirement))
  16. zappoid

    Looking for orange/maceration winemaking tips

    Is this wine after filtering? What do you use for filtering, pump?
  17. zappoid

    Adventures in Wild Fermentation

    Tavqveri is best varietal I've tried. This year I myself started my firsts batches. I do not expect great results, hope wine will be drincable. It was Chinuri (white) and Tavqveri and Shavkapito (red). And next year will try more complex protocol.
  18. zappoid

    Adventures in Wild Fermentation

    May I ask you to make real short review of Georgian wines you tried in Georgia. I myself stay in Georgia second year (contract job), and before arriving was full of expectations, now I'm very skeptical about the issue: reality was not so brilliant: 95% is cheap generic stuff not worth to try, 4%...
  19. zappoid

    Right basket press size

    Sorry, did not understand. What means "pomace from 8 lugs"? Did you press right on the truck bed?
  20. zappoid

    refractometer cleaning

    It means for spreadsheets using I gave to know exact alcohol level?