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  1. CabSauv

    Headspace question

    Sanitize some marbles, place in a muslin bag and put it in the carboy if you can't find like wine.
  2. CabSauv

    Six month mark.

    Do another 6 months. Worth it.
  3. CabSauv

    making labels

    I just make my own in whatever picture editing software and print them off on sticker paper from my printer. Once you test print the label on regular paper and get it to the size you want it, open the label in Microsoft Word, remove the margins and put 4 labels per page and just print it on the...
  4. CabSauv

    WineXpert Australia Cab Sauv w/ Grape Skins

    It's been a while since I've done anything to this kit, it's been happily hibernating in the basement. I am a bit late on racking it but no harm. I did a taste test and it's improving from the last taste, it's getting there. I am surprised how quickly and effortlessly I can rack the wine without...
  5. CabSauv

    Too long in primary fermenter? Help!

    Well so far so good, no vinegary smell or taste is a good sign. What color is it? The more bricky or brown color the more oxidized it is. With the wine almost certainly being degassed and if you were careful not to move any sediment over to the clean carboy then it should be fairly clear too...
  6. CabSauv

    Too long in primary fermenter? Help!

    You can always back sweeten later, I'd worry about getting it off the gross lees and stabilizing the wine first.
  7. CabSauv

    PH is way too low on my finished cab.

    Just to back up what John said. I made a cab that was too acidic and it had a really sharp hot feel. I was extremely disappointed. I bulk aged for 6 months in the carboy and another 1.5 years in the bottle for a total of 2 years and it has transformed into a wonderful wine. It's calmed down and...
  8. CabSauv

    Too long in primary fermenter? Help!

    What kit was it? That's quite a long time but you basically did a really long extended maceration. I'm sure someone else will chime in with a million times more experience but as long as it doesn't smell like vinegar you have nothing to lose. Rack it and add your kmeta, after a few weeks or...
  9. CabSauv

    Fermentation Temperature for Red Wine

    I use my laundry room for fermentation where it's a bit warmer due to the dryer and being a smaller, more confined, room where it stays in the 74*-75* range. Works great.
  10. CabSauv

    WineXpert Australia Cab Sauv w/ Grape Skins

    I added quite a bit on my first batch that didn't have skins but surprised to see how flat this one is at the moment. I'm going to let it bulk age until mid-July which will be around 1 year in total so a lot can happen. But, I might put in a spiral for 3 months and see what happens and then...
  11. CabSauv

    Unbalanced Finished Wine

    UPDATE: Just an update on this kit. Since I am running extremely low on my first batch ("Contre le Vent") and I'd like to keep a few bottles for longer keep, I'm thinking the 5-7 year mark, I hesitantly pulled out a bottle of my second batch. This is the wine mentioned in this thread as having...
  12. CabSauv

    WineXpert Australia Cab Sauv w/ Grape Skins

    Did a taste test and it seemed a bit light and lacking. Probably needs quite a bit more tannin for my liking and still transforming so it likely needs time but I'm a bit surprised considering this kit has grape skins.
  13. CabSauv

    SG increased at end of fermentation?

    You probably had some fizzing or wine climbing up the hydrometer, so your first reading could have been higher than you first thought. If it hasn't changed in 3 days then it's done.
  14. CabSauv

    Should I rack again?

    Just a newbie to newbie tip, put a towel under that carboy or put it in a plastic storage bin if you've got one. I haven't had any break on me but I'd hate for you to lose your hard work. It's also really nice when racking if there's any spillage or overflow and won't spill and stain your floor...
  15. CabSauv

    Space-Aged Wine

    I wonder if it will change the specific gravity...badum ching! :a1
  16. CabSauv

    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    Nope, that was it. I must have missed it.
  17. CabSauv

    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    In addition to what you already seemed to identify to help bring out the depth, have you considered doing a smaller batch than what's called for in the recipe - meaning run off 10% or so of the juice? Maybe it's not that simple or I am too new to winemaking but it seems like a simple addition to...
  18. CabSauv

    2 years later still "acidic" WinExpert Australian Cabernet Sauvignon Kit w/ Grape Skins

    Interestingly enough, I'm bulk aging this kit right now (since July). I didn't add any of the finishers or clearing agents, just some pota meta. I can't recall whether or not my directions said to degass or not but I used the drill and stirring stick just long enough until the bubbles flowing to...
  19. CabSauv

    staves , cubes , tannins

    I've used spirals, cubes, and tannin powder. All have worked. I add whichever one I'm using for that kit during the bulk aging stage and wait until the next racking (3 month stretch) to bench trial and adjust as needed. This process has been good to me and I've only done 3 kits total. Be careful...
  20. CabSauv

    WineXpert Australia Cab Sauv w/ Grape Skins

    I'm in no rush really, I just thought it would have been nice to have by Christmas for family dinner. It's my fault for not starting it sooner. I have plenty of available glass, two 6 gal and another 5 gal.