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  1. outdoorsmadness

    ill be gone for awhile

    thank you everybody for the support, and i want let her take the carboys or my bottles of i guess this is my last post before shutting this computer down for the last time. ill see yall soon(i hope) when i get back on my feet again. by for now Bryan
  2. outdoorsmadness

    ill be gone for awhile

    well fellow wine makers, i came to this forum last september and i love it as much as wine making in itself, but unfortuneatly ill be gone for awhile, im getting a divorce and im lossing everything except my house, my kids( i have custody in prior marriage), and vehehicle, i will have no...
  3. outdoorsmadness

    What are you making and what have you made ???

    bombs as an exploding 1 gallon growler in my bedroom after backsweeting and putting a screw on cap on it, thank god it wasnt a red wine. from now on bubbler goes back on them for a few days and keep them out of bedroom.
  4. outdoorsmadness

    Chilli Wine recipe wanted..

    ok, after reading this thread ive decided that yaw are crazy,:). i guess i want in on the action as well so ill be trying this this summer for it must be better than it sounds, but i do l;ove hot and spicy stuff, may even blend with my tomatoe wine.
  5. outdoorsmadness

    Comment by 'outdoorsmadness' in media 'carboy friends'

    thats funny, i hope you dont get to attached to your freinds come bottleing
  6. outdoorsmadness

    Dead Leaf Bottle

    thats what i love about this sight, im always learning something, just hope i can rember at least half of it:)
  7. outdoorsmadness


    cool, thanks for sharing that with us , im going to make me one to keep all my goodies in, ill be using a glass jug though.:)
  8. outdoorsmadness

    Racking canes

    i use a piece of cpvc pipe with a siphon hose that i actually slip through the pipie:) works great.
  9. outdoorsmadness

    What are you making and what have you made ???

    in secondary: strawberry jam wine - 5 gallon pineapple from concentrate - 1 gallon jaom original recipie - 1 gallon in bulk age : muscadine and peach blend red - 3 gallons muscadine and peach blend white - 3 gallons...
  10. outdoorsmadness

    Cantaloupe Wine

    correct me if im wrong, but white grape juice dosent have a lot of tannins dose it or is that just white wines that dosent? it seems to me that that would maybe just give it more body, but what do i know.:)
  11. outdoorsmadness

    strawberyy jam wime

    still bubbling this morning, should of known, you cant stop a active fermentation.:)
  12. outdoorsmadness

    What was I thinking?! my wine is too sweet??

    if you did stop fermentation at 12% with sorbate, brandy or racking wouldnt you still have a wine that would be too sweet? i would double recipie except sugar like said earlier if it were me.
  13. outdoorsmadness

    strawberyy jam wime

    did i mess up i took a sg reading and it was 1.032 so i racked into my 5 gallon carboy and i was a few inches from top, i didnt worry about it because it was still fermenting, so two days later i had the chance of getting more juice ( tonight) it was welches white grape juice (...
  14. outdoorsmadness

    strawberyy jam wime

    i never used wine calc before i based my in fo on 18 grams per liter per % of alcohol, 67.5 grams per gallon per %. im sure you should be aiming for about 800 grams per galon somewhere there abouts. im sorry i cant be of any more help.
  15. Blackberry and Muscadine

    Blackberry and Muscadine

  16. my first bottels of wine

    my first bottels of wine

    my first and 4th batch of wine Blackberry and Muscadine these are the ones i gave away for christmas gifts.
  17. outdoorsmadness

    strawberyy jam wime

    sjo, i did not add any sugar to my must it all came from the jam. i used smuckers 2 lb bottles and each bottl had 45 servings at 12 grams of sugar per serving thats 450 grams per 2 lbs i used 7 jars which was 3780 grams i added 1 quart of apple juice for my starter which was about 100 grams of...
  18. outdoorsmadness

    Apple Wine Question

    the 40 lbs of apples will make up for more than the gallon of water you didnt add after they break down
  19. outdoorsmadness

    strawberyy jam wime

    thanks for the info i didnt think that it was needed just wanted someone else's opinioun
  20. outdoorsmadness

    strawberyy jam wime

    i just made a 5 gallon batch of stawberry jam wine i used 14# of jam 6 tsp of nutrient 10 tsp of pectic enzyme (would of used more but i ran out) topped up to 5 gallons with water adjusted acid to .6 by adding 7 tsp of acid blend i have a quart of apple juice with a sachet of...