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  1. Dufresne11

    Watered down wine?

    I also add raisins for my Reds but if you want body you should be adding tannins and or oaking. It will make a big difference to the mouth feel of your wine
  2. Dufresne11

    weather rant!

    I live in a beautiful tree lined neighbohood.... At least I used to. In the last five months my neighborhood has been hit by a tornado, (yes it hit my neighborhood and no I am not exaggerating). A hurricane, ( kind of fizzled out by the time it hit here) and now a foot of snow. We have been...
  3. Dufresne11

    Clean finish

    Good point Robie, I have been doing this long enough that I should know that. Unfortunately in my zeal to create the perfect wine I tend to judge my own wine harshly while taking a kinder view towards others wines...
  4. Dufresne11

    Argon versus CO2

    Good enough for me Wade. Anyone with almost 13000 posts should be taken seriously!
  5. Dufresne11

    Argon versus CO2

    Hi All, I have been thinking about picking up an argon canister to sparge carboys, top off et cetera. The guy at my LWS suggested that a CO2 canister set up would work just as well provided I was willing to top off my carboys monthly. The cost is about 200.00 for an argon set up and...
  6. Dufresne11

    Clean finish

    Nope not a kit, did it from juice
  7. Dufresne11

    Clean finish

    You know what, thats the best answer I could have hoped for!
  8. Dufresne11

    Clean finish

    Hello All, I am just in my wine room sampling a 14 month old Sangiovese that is bulk aging. It is very good and I plan on aging it a few more months. However the only thing missing is a clean finish. It kind of lingers on the palette a little too long. Am I being nitpicky? If not is...
  9. Dufresne11


    Hello All, I posted in the Oak Tutorial but it doesn't seem to be getting any hits. So I thought I would repost here: I am about to oak for the first time. I have those disposbable cheesecloth socks from my LWS and the correct kind of oak for my wine. Here is my plan: I am going to pull...
  10. Dufresne11

    The Oak Thread

    Okay guys, I have read the above and it is good information. I am about to oak for the first time. I have those disposbable cheesecloth socks from my LWS and the correct kind of oak for my wine. Here is my plan: I am going to pull out about a cup of wine before I oak and save for a base...
  11. Dufresne11

    M & M Competition

    I have a Nero that is aging quite well. I only have four bottles left but it is the best thing I have made yet. I think just the experience and feedback would be a good thing for me in my development as a wine maker
  12. Dufresne11

    M & M Competition

    Wade or anyone else in the MA & Conn area. Anyone doing the M&M Wine Comp? I have never entered one before but I am thinking of entering my Nero dAvola.... Might be a good experience. I am thinking that we can have a forum get together at the comp.
  13. Dufresne11

    Winemaking just not meant to be for me

    Ouch, SR you have my condolences. Heck maybe we should have a small WineAid concert. I would buy a ticket. Sorry bud... chin up and take your FIL up on the steel pipe table. I just went and checked the one carboy I have on a table
  14. Dufresne11

    Boston Bruins.. VICTORY!!!

    Last time they won it was the year I was born. Still can't believe it! Marchand is my new favorite player. Way better than Ken Linesman was as the original "rat" and that is saying something. I complained about Z being soft and Claude being a clown for the last three years. All apologies...
  15. Dufresne11

    Bottle blow up

    Thats a great idea WinePig... I will have to do that next time. I just shipped a bottle to Texas from Mass and I worried the whole time.
  16. Dufresne11

    Red or White

    You sure did based on my wine drinking experience.... which is pretty extensive. I have never seen a white Pinot Noir. A quick internet search would confirm. Of course I am now certain that someone will prove me wrong but I am with you. You got the wrong bucket. Just looked it up on the...
  17. Dufresne11


    I always maintain SO2 levels in my reds and whites, let them ferment dry and age for a year. So sounds like I am good on this one. Thanks guys
  18. Dufresne11


    The guy at my LWS told me that I should sorbate all of my wines. Now I normally only sorbate if I backsweeten. I make sure my P-Meta levels are above 50 ppm at all times but no sorbate unless I add sugar. What do you do?
  19. Dufresne11

    Blending, need some opinions

    Great Idea Robie, I will let the Sirah fall bright and give it a go... should be a fun summer project.
  20. Dufresne11

    Blending, need some opinions

    Hello All, I have a terrific Cabernet Sauvignon (6 gallons) that has bulk aged for a year now. I have developed some patience with my wine making. In the past I would have bottled and drank/given away some of it by now. However I also just started a Sirah that looks to be coming along...