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    What is this leaf disease?

    I had one Cab Vine of many turn red and die after around three years while under stress. I came to the conclusion it was a virus from the nursery. All vines around it were fine.
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    2022 weather

    2022 looking good so far here in North Alabama. The Cab vines pictured here were planted in 2013. The gulf steam plume finally moved a little west. Good luck!
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    Systemic downy mildew

    Greetings, Third year in a row specific vines get hit hard with downy mildew. Same vines, no difference in the surroundings, ground is clean, the downy seems to radiate from one area. Other vines of the same variety and more susceptible varieties remain clean. I use copper sparingly and do two...
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    Japanese beetle killer

    I catch the beetles early when they do the pheromone cluster thing on the vine tops and spot spray sevin. The spraying is minimal. I've seen assassin bugs, spiders, and preying mantis since.
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    Too much water...

    Eight yr old cab sauv vines. Even on a split trellis 16 ft canes aren't unusual and I don't fertilize except last fall I spread a 40lb bag of organic fert and a couple bags of black cow down the middles of about 80 vines. The growth is more based on the root stock and sandy soil. I have several...
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    New To Growing Grapes

    Fungicides. There are curative fungicides. I cycle several throughout the year. Research Google for your options. Mancozeb, myclobutanil, strobulirines, captan, copper. All have different PHI's and costs. If you don't take the time to understand fungicides then plant muscadines...seriously.
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    Too much water...

    Rain rain... Weekly thinning.
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    New To Growing Grapes

    Full sun is required.
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    Pest Prophet for grape powdery mildew

    I have never seen PD or sharpshooters.
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    Pest Prophet for grape powdery mildew

    A yearly small dose of imidacloprid in the drip irrigation when the shoots are 6 inches and I haven't seen PD since I began eight years ago.. I also grow vinifera on its own roots. I'm south of Huntsville so practically the same macro climate as yourself.
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    Bird netting recommendation

    50x100 nets from Valley orchard supply. Covers three 10 ft spaced rows with enough to pile on the ground. The birds don't even try.
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    Pest Prophet for grape powdery mildew

    I use the web mostly amazon, domyown, keystone, etc.
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    Pest Prophet for grape powdery mildew

    Here in the rainy south the best predictor of black rot, anthracnose, downey mildew is when you wake up and the earth is still rotating the conditions are right (unless we are in a drought) I've watched and tested closely and the end result is preventative spray. Black rot and anthranose come...
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    Crown gall?

    The Cab Franc issue is interesting. I just planted 8 as a test. I'll keep you posted. *I rarely see freeze damage
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    starting cuttings

    I've used pots of sand with good luck. Gotta keep them moist. Don't be fooled by the buds sprouting, they have little to do with roots. In fact, I keep them out of direct sun in an open garage until the roots grow then introduce them to light. Btw, some root stocks don't propagate easily.
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    Can vineyard exist without chemical treatment?

    The Navy port there is Punta Del Gado(sp?). In the early 80's it was like stepping into a time capsule from the 1950's. I remember low clouds and thinking it was wet place. The view towards the inland was long rising grassland and sheep. They basically closed up shop at sunset and we couldn't...
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    Can vineyard exist without chemical treatment?

    I've been to the Azores. A good lookin' woman behind every tree.
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    Cordless saw for pruning?

    Hello All, Looking for recommendations for a cordless saw to prune the old spurs. I have a few vines that even loppers are getting difficult to use. I'm thinking maybe a mini-skillsaw type tool? TIA
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    Last Frost and Pruning

    I started a thread a while back after I pruned prior to a January 5 degree blast in North Alabama. The vines had zero damage.