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    Stuck Mead Fermntation

    Trouble in Meadville.... I am trying to make a DRY mead. I pitched the yeast on November 16th and by the 20th had a good fermentation going but it slowed RAPIDLY to a crawl, then did pretty good, just SLOOOWWW until it stuck at 10BRIX about 3 weeks ag - about January 1. Does this sound like...
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    Topping Wine in Carboy

    I have read where I don't need to leave a lot of head space when I move to a carboy. Do I just top it with spring water? I have a good alcohol level and don't want to water it down. This is actually my 2nd vessel, the first is COMPLETELY full. This 2nd one is a 1 gallon that is 90% full...
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    Punch Down for Pinot

    My Pinot Noir is fermenting very actively. I am into the 6th day and it has slowed some, but it forms a cap within 10 minutes or maybe even less after a punch down. What are the positive or negative effects of punching it down say... 8-10 times a day?
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    Carboy Aging for Wine

    I am assuming this white stopper is a silicon vented bung, SO, does the pressure push the top open for it to vent?
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    Carboy Aging for Wine

    I will be keeping my wine in a carboy for some time. I am trying something new to me: Using Frozen Grape Must. It is my understanding that a 5lb pail will yield 3.5 gallons of wine (+ or -). When I move it to the 6 gallon carboy I will have a large surface open. Obviously I will close the top...