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    Apple Wine

    I've had a shed load of apples this year, many have gone into a hydrator but i was thinking of doing a wine. Will i have to crush the apples or can i just slice them into the must? One of the reasons i only made cider a few times as its too much faff pressing out apples. Thanks
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    What is "double strength cordial"? pop you have to dilute with water for kids The demijohn of wine is now done fermenting and I'm wanting to rack it and clear. Whats best to use to end fermentation and a clearing agent. The og was 1092 and fg 1000. I've added some old stabilizing powder and a...
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    Got a few demi johns to use so decided to make an Orange wine. I've basically got a carton of concentrate to use and wanted something to do. As you know I'm a returning newbie. The recipe goes like this...... 1ltr Orange juice concentrate, (10p from Asda, out of date), roughly 300ml of double...
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    Returning newbie

    Hello All. Not made any wine for 25 years and forgot a load. Ive just started making a gooseberry wine with 6.5kg of mixed green and red berries. 6 ltr bottled water, 2 Campden tablets in must with 10g of Pectolase. Left 24 hours. Strained pulp and put juice into fermetation tank. Added 4kg of...