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  1. J

    Belgian Special Ale brew

    So what were the results? Have you tested on a Gluten sensitive person?
  2. J

    What is Your Occupation

    I am a certified IT Project Manager that also doubles as a team lead for an IT VAR.
  3. J

    Post a photo, any photo

    I could us an AIO right about now.
  4. J

    Garden 2015

    Here is my spot for this year. We have: King of the North Pepper Jalapeño Ring-o-Fire Cayenne Feher Ozon Pepper Hot Purira Pepper Snap pea Carrot Pickling cucumber Cherokee Purple Tomato Sweet Thai Basil Genovese Basil Thyme Spinach Blend leaf lettuce We have a 20x20 spot at the community...
  5. J

    WineXpert Just a little experiment with my first kit
  6. J

    WineXpert Just a little experiment with my first kit

    Next step complete! Last night, I racked them over to new jugs that each had some kmeta and 6 oz of oak cubes. Everything tastes fantastic and I am patiently waiting for some of that oak to impart its flavor. Things attenuated just fine.
  7. J

    Tannin Complex and Tannin Riche

    Agree that I had a good experience from Brew and Wine as well.
  8. J

    DIY Stir Plate

    I have one for this exact purpose but since I am moving into juice buckets, I'll also be using it while testing for TA using the pH meter method. This will help ensure that things are mixed while adding the reagant.
  9. J

    Jim's foray into gluten-free brewing

    Probably so.
  10. J

    Jim's foray into gluten-free brewing

    Sweet. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
  11. J

    Jim's foray into gluten-free brewing

    Jim, I'd be interested if Clarity Ferm would help you and decrease your joint pain while still brewing the recipes that you like with barley. I have no experience with it but would be interested to see the results. Just a thought...
  12. J

    60 lbs of Strawberries...

    Strawberry mead sounds delicious.
  13. J

    Looking to make some cheese

    Thanks Avantjour!
  14. J

    Looking to make some cheese

    Rich, we buy non-homogenized and low VAT whole milk so I'm good there. Hartzler Family dairy. Still in the glass bottle.
  15. J

    I love me some popcorn

    Looking good, Larry!
  16. J

    I think I am being scammed

    That would be censorship of the Internet. We don't want to go down that route, do we?
  17. J

    Looking to make some cheese

    Ok, so they have a kit that would effectively do around 13 lbs of cheese for about $3/lb. that's not bad. I wonder though, looking at the things included, if since Inalready have a few of the items could get it cheaper by "parting" it out...
  18. J

    I think I am being scammed

    Yeah, valid point richmke
  19. J

    I think I am being scammed

    What concerns me is that if they had proper grammar, spelling, and a more believable story, there would likely be many more that are successful.
  20. J

    A beautiful Sunday

    If you are not an author, you should be.