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    Shipping Kits (Label Peelers)

    $31.08 to ship a Private Reserve Old Vines Zinfandel to Southeast PA. It's definitely been going up the last couple of years for me.
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    Any thoughts on RQ 2021 release

    Yes Keystone is not too far from me, so I have been there a handful of times, and they have a nice setup. I've never ordered from them for shipping, but they are the biggest homebrew store near me, so when I need to buy something locally or order grape juice, I look to them first. I also like...
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    Keller Recipes

    It looks like the wayback machine stopped recording updates around February of this year. Here is a link to the first page of recipes:
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    Any thoughts on RQ 2021 release

    I've been using Home Brew Ohio for my last few RJS kits, and I have had good service with them. They have had the RQ kits the last couple years, but they don't post them as quickly as other sites. They look to have a placeholder on their site for the new RQs. They seem to also occasionally...
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    Another new kit from WE - Whisky Barrel Cab/Merlot

    If I remember correctly, Winexpert went on a whiskey barrel kick. First they released the Eclipse Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel/Cabernet (w/skins) in 2018, then the Selection Whiskey Barrel Cabernet/Merlot (no skins) in 2019, then the mentioned Selection Cabernet/Syrah (no skins) in late 2019. I...
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    New Apres kit

    I made Winexpert's Cab Franc "Icewine Style" back in 2017. I believe it was a Selection kit then, so I'm not sure if Apres is just a rebrand. My taste on the wine: it's okay. Of the 28-ish 375mL bottles, we still have 16. I'm not much into sweet wines, but I really like icewines we had in...
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    Other Favorite White Kit

    I made this about 3.5 years ago, and it darkened over time, too. I have a few bottles left, and they are now almost the color of a mead. I don't think the flavor suffered from it, since it kept tasting better over time. However after about 3 years I think the flavor starts to mellow.
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    WineXpert Winexpert Eclipse Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel

    My Eclipse OV Zin is about 21 months old now, and opened a bottle last week. I did an extended maceration for about 6 weeks, then bulk aged 1 year. This kit is my favorite Eclipse kit so far. I have a thing for a good Zin or a good Syrah, so I have an obvious bias, but I like it more than SL...
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    RJ Spagnols High Tail Niagara Merlot coming

    In case you haven't seen this link from other threads: MoreWine doesn't look to have a recommendation for RC212 with Merlot, but I've used RC212 on my Stag's Leap Merlot, and it turned out well. Note that in this...
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    Wine expert double juice bags?

    I agree, it sounds like there is a leak in the bag. I just wanted to add that you could also contact the store that sold you the kit. I've had leaking kits replaced without much hassle, but they were due to shipping damage and not a manufacturing defect. Every store I've purchased from has...
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    Wine expert double juice bags?

    I haven't heard/seen that yet, but I'm very curious. Do you have any pictures of the packaging?
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    Any suggestions for PA visit?

    I work about 15min south of the Lansdale area, and agree with these choices. To add to these wineries: - this is an old style winery and has really good dry Riesling and Gewurztraminer. Their reds are good, too, but lower any expectation for reds in this region...
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    New to Wine Making - Kit Recommendations

    It's not a super early drinking red, but the Winexpert Selection Enigma is a good red blend as well. It's similar to Apothic Red. In my notes, I have that it turned the corner into a "remake this" kit at 12 months from pitching the yeast.
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    RJ Spagnols The chase begins.... 2019 RQ

    Here's a cross pollination post, but interesting to this topic as well. From the Peach Icewine post, there appears to be a 13% off coupon that works on the pre-orders of the RQ kits. I haven't used this website before, but it cuts the cost down a bit if the coupon does work...
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    WineXpert WE LE Peach ice wine

    I was just lurking and googled the name instead of the website. It looks like with their 13% off coupon, the RQ kits are more reasonably priced. The Monastrell ends up being $136-ish shipped to southeast PA. Do note that this is the first I've heard of this site, and I've never ordered from them.
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    WineXpert WE LE Peach ice wine

    It looks like it is under "Limited Edition Wine Kits" on their website.
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    WineXpert Sangiovese kit - Kitosan/degassing question

    The sentiment won't be an issue. If there is extra at the bottom before you're adding chitosan, you're not hurting anything. The chitosan will cause more sentiment to form at the bottom anyway. Degassing is always the hardest part. Do what you can to degas, but in my experience it never...
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    WineXpert Bravado Super Tuscan

    I started my Bravado kit in August 2016, and tried a bottle when it hit 2 years old about a week ago. I made this one by the book, and it's finally starting to come around. Like others have said, right out of the bottle, it is a bit harsh. Give it an hour or so to open up, and it becomes a...
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    RJ Spagnols The chase begins.... 2019 RQ

    I just noticed that the Nebbiolo says that it includes elderflower. I haven't made any Nebbiolo kits yet (the Eclipse one is on my short list), but are there any other wine kits that include elderflower, either Nebbiolo or other? I'm curious if it is a flavored liquid or the dried flower when...
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    RJ Spagnols The chase begins.... 2019 RQ

    Thanks for posting this! I want all the reds. I don't know how I'm going to narrow these down to what fits into my schedule. I'd never heard of Monastrell before, so I had to Google it, but it has "heavy oak", so I'm interested. It's interesting the the one white is described as "dry" but...