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    What does everyone do with all the wine?

    We normally make a batch just to hand out at Christmas. Friends, family, coworkers, etc.
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    Bentonite and/or Sparkolloid: Comparative Study

    Love experiments like this.
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    Muscato & Niagra

    Sorry for reviving a dead thread but where did you order the juice from?
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    Vacuum Transfer Wine Pump Giveaway

    That's the one I did!
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    WineXpert Choc Rasp Port stuck at primary

    Here is a quote that I saved before I started my kit. Here is my thread on my progress. My best suggestions. Keep the temp up around 78 degrees and keep stirring it. I stirred every other day. I am in the clearing stage right now.
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    WineXpert Chocolate Raspberry port

    Mine did not go exactly to schedule but not insanely over.
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    WineXpert Chocolate Raspberry port

    Yep. It was down at 1.010
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    WineXpert Chocolate Raspberry port

    Update: Yesterday I went onto the next step. Stirred the sediment back into suspension as the directions said. Added everything but the fpack, stirrred and degassed (I stirred and used the small handivac). Added the fpack in, stirred that in and put it back into the closet. Temp is up around...
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    WineXpert Vintage Reserve - Merot Secondary Fermentation

    Trust in your hydrometer.
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    WineXpert Chocolate Raspberry port

    I transferred this to my 3 gal carboy this afternoon. Transferred most of it leaving the junk behind. Not it is supposed to sit for 10 days in secondary for the next step. Should I leave the temp up where I have it now or drop it some?
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    WineXpert Chocolate Raspberry port

    I started this kit on 12/27 with a SG of 1.130. On 1/5 I had an SG of 1.010 so I started with the chaptalisation by adding half the pack, stirring and placing back in the heat. On 1/7 I added the second half of the pack. I checked the SG today and it is at 1.016. I will check again tomorrow or...
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    What's the best sanitizer for making wine?

    We use metabisulfite as reccommended by our LHBS.
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    WineXpert Having issues degassing

    Thats ok. Don't make too much wine around this place anyways. It is only me and the wife.
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    Prepping Bottles

    If you have anything "stuck" on the inside, you can soak them or use a bottle brush. If they are rinsed (no junk) on the inside, I would suggest using a vinator. I rinse bottles once they are empty then put them on a bottle tree. I use a vinator with cleanign solution and then with sanatizer.
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    WineXpert Having issues degassing

    I picked up a "Handheld FoodSaver" from Target for around $20. Works pretty good. It is small and rechargeable.
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    WineXpert Chocolate Raspberry port

    Yep. I am seeing just how much of a PITA this can be. Just going to bump the temp up and let it do its stuff for a few more days. Thanks for the help and being a "sounding board".
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    WineXpert Chocolate Raspberry port

    I have been stirring this every other day and just checked the gravity. Oh boy. Still got a ways to go. Seem the temp has dropped down a bit so I turned up the heater (we have a small closet with an electric heater in it for fermenting when it is cold outside). Will let it sit a few more days...
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    WineXpert Chocolate Raspberry port

    If I read the steps right, it mentions racking to a secondary after 5 - 7 days. I plan on putting it in the carboy to secondary. Should I stir in sugar and wait a few days (or more) to transfer to secondary? And I just started this yesterday. Smells good so far!
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    Just regsistered here.

    This place is full of friendly people.
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    WineXpert Chocolate Raspberry port

    Forgot to mention that we picked up a 3 gal carboy yesterday. So to fortify it, I should wait until it is all done and add it before bottling correct? I think I will go with brandy. Any suggestions on what type to use? And I think I read in another thread to add one pint. Should I wait a day...