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  1. Kaotisk Bäsärk

    Wine Making w/out additives

    I have made hard cider using nothing but pressed juice from the apples on my trees; no added yeast, sugar, or chemicals. I transfer the juice into glass bottles and place them out in the sun for a couple days to let the ultra-violet rays from the sun pasteurize the juice, place wax paper over...
  2. Kaotisk Bäsärk

    Advice for Making Peach Wine?

    Thank both of you. So if I was to measure a sample, I should do so after two to three days/when the consistency i.e. surface tension lowers enough to obtain a realistic-looking reading? I guess I could use my cider press to press the peaches after I pit them to be left with peach juice, but that...
  3. Kaotisk Bäsärk

    Advice for Making Peach Wine?

    The peaches on my trees are getting closer and closer to maturation, and as they grow I too grow more and more tempted to attempt to make peach wine, though the more I research the more I realize that fermenting wine using peaches could potentially be very different in technique to what I'm used...