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    Juice grade blueberries

    Local west Michigan Blueberries. This is a juice grade fruit, so it is mainly used for juicing and wine purposes. They are at least 80% or more blue fruit. The berries are frozen, which will help the juicing process when they are thawed. 1800 lbs- $828 ($0.46 per LB)
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    Michigan frozen blueberries for sale by the pallet

    There is only 1 pallet left.
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    Michigan frozen blueberries for sale by the pallet

    Here are some pictures of some juice grade fruit. There are 2 pallets left.
  4. IMG_0058


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    Michigan frozen blueberries for sale by the pallet

    We have 3 pallets of frozen Michigan juice grade blueberries. Each pallet has 1800 lbs with 60 30LB boxes. We guarantee at least 80% blue, but usually there is a higher amount of blue than that. They are sold by the pallet. If you buy 1 pallet it’s $810. 2 pallets $720 per pallet=1440. 3 pallets...
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    blueberry juice bucket idea

    My goal for the first year was to use sulfites, and just see if there was a market for bucket of blueberry juice. In the first year I would use the sulfites; just cause to get a freezer to freeze all the buckets would be a massive investment, when I don't know if there is a market out there for...
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    blueberry juice bucket idea

    Hey guys. Over the past year I have been working on juicing blueberries, with the idea of selling buckets of blueberry juice. Each bucket will be balanced to 3.4PH, it will have the added sugar to 1.080 gravity( 19.3 brix). All the juice will be strained so there will be little to no skins or...
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    what do you HATE the most about wine making?

    Nice responses. I was just trying to find some of the most common dislikes of wine making. I am always trying to find new ideas to make things easier. So I thought would see what the common dislikes were, and try to find new things to work on improving. One of the things I saw at a friends...
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    what do you HATE the most about wine making?

    Hey This is my first time on the forum. What is the thing you HATE the most about the wine making process? The worst for me was pressing the fruit and bottling.