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  1. StevenD55

    What's in your glass tonight?

    Problem I have too....I always tell myself that I don’t need to mark the bottles because I’ll remember. I gave some bottles to my sister. She told me it was a great Merlot. I told her that if she wanted to call it Merlot, that was fine with me. But I didn’t make any wine from Merlot.
  2. StevenD55

    What's in your glass tonight?

    Sure are some neat labels on a lot of those bottles.
  3. StevenD55

    What's in your glass tonight?

    2015 I was given 230# of over-ripe Pinot Grigio very late in the year, like in November. As a result, even with minimal skin contact, it turned a little pink. So I made a rose’ with it blending in a few 20 pounds of Limburger. Left it totally dry. Cracked one open tonight. I like it. But...
  4. StevenD55

    raising alcohol content

    Only in making mead. Fermentation can be slower. Add some yeast nutrient for the honey. Yeast does not metabolize honey as well without it.
  5. StevenD55

    Cold hardy education

    My neighbor makes a good wine with Fosh. Should be worth a try. I doubt that the neighboring winery will be too concerned with you stealing their secrets unless you ask for some labels too. :b Get well!
  6. StevenD55

    Cold hardy education

    Before passing away, I bought a book from the author Dr. Rombough. It’s a good reference overall. Dr. Rombough was kind enough to answer questions I’d send by email. I was sad to learn of his passing. But his work/website is still active. He wasn’t as strong on canopy management as is...
  7. StevenD55

    Topping off Mead

    First time with mead. So nothing from prior runs. I did start in a bucket. I was a bit surprised at how thick the yeast layer was after fermentation. I lost more than expected. Live and learn I guess. At least it tastes ok for as young as it is. Thanks.
  8. StevenD55

    Topping off Mead

    What do you use to top off a carboy after racking your mead?
  9. StevenD55

    cold hardy thoughts

    I sort of went that route with some success, at lest in my opinion with other varieties. I limited the skin contact on the first batch and fermented that. I didn’t press anything though. Then I fermented the remaining skins and such in a second batch adding sugar and water to obtain a...
  10. StevenD55

    What R you doing today?

    Nice day here. So I : Made up some venison jerky on the Traeger Pitched yeast on some beer wort Checked out the beehives to be sure they had food Rolled up a bunch of bird netting I was avoiding And pulled a hamstring for a finale....slipped on a wet step.
  11. StevenD55

    Dry Ice / Oxidation

    Pure CO2 is heavier than air, especially cold CO2. I suppose if wanted to try it without putting it in your carboy directly, you could let the gas flow in via a funnel at the mouth of the carboy. A vent tube for the air to escape might be helpful.
  12. StevenD55


    Thank you. You always seem to come thru for me.
  13. StevenD55


    Hi I made a batch of white wine from Aurore grapes that were given to me. Fermentation is all but complete and it was racked. The pH might be a little high at 3.6 for a white wine. What can I expect in aging? Should I oak it some? Is it a better dry wine or sweetened some? Can’t trust...
  14. StevenD55

    Need advice on selecting varietal to plant

    Marquette is supposedly low acid. But I sure do hear a lot of discussion about acidity issues. Here is one reference on controlling acidity and sugar. Probably worth a try...
  15. StevenD55

    Need advice on selecting varietal to plant

    You are fortunate with your last frost being that early. Ours is more like Mem Day. One practice might be to cover your vines if you can. I read a little about pruning early buds. The vine will produce replacement buds, but yield not be as bountiful. I don’t recall where I read about this...
  16. StevenD55

    Advice on cordon height

    Where do you get nets that wide?
  17. StevenD55

    Need advice on selecting varietal to plant

    Sounds like an experiment for sure. Reading all of this, I was curious and did a little more research. 3 points jumped out at me: You are in Zone 6 and thinking of growing a Zone 4 grape, right? That’s not too bad. But have you found any other experienced growers your area to see what...
  18. StevenD55

    Help pruning an old, neglected grape vine

    That is a project. And it is a pretty old vine. This will take a few seasons if you want to keep it and it sounds like you do. I find it difficult to train vines on a fence. Separate wires work better. Believe me when I say I’ve tried. My thought is that if you like the varietal you have...
  19. StevenD55

    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Oh. No wonder I didn’t figure it out. I wouldn’t have guessed that. All I could think of was “moles”.