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    All in One Wine Pump Giveaway!

    I'm in, last day, but I'm in.
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    Limited Resources Wine Making

    Fermcalc is very helpful in conversions, adding sugar to a specific sg, etc... If the juice you buy is labeled as to how much sugar it includes, you can use that as the starting point and go from there to a desired sg. Fermcalc = from google...
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    Is this bottle washer worth owning?

    I use this one also. The hose is a little short to reach to the bottom of my sink though. I'm debating adding a plate of composite material to weight it down. Right now it shifts around a lot and will sometimes pop loose from the quick connect at the faucet. Otherwise - it's a lot more...
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    Ideas on a Homemade Bottle Drying Rack

    Buyer beware then - the ones I picked up DO say "Champagne" on the sides, and they hold 5 rows of 5 bottles. There were several sizes - coffee cup, 'beverage', etc....
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    Ideas on a Homemade Bottle Drying Rack

    I picked up two of these today - the ones labeled 'champagne' work great to hold 25 bottles each. No shipping since the store is local - found them with a quick google search for 'used restaurant equipment'. I'll use them to drain after washing then to bottle without worrying about tipping...
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    How many gallons of Lon D's Skeeter Pee have been made?

    30 for me - 622 + 30 = 652
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    What type of strainer bag do you use?

    For most fruits you can also use nylon hose - yeah - just like panty hose. I buy the queen size in the little plastic ball at wally-world for about .33 a pair. You'll get 5-10 lbs. fruit in each one. They tie easily and are pretty simple to use. Color doesn't matter but I've heard they...
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    Air Locks?

    I have both. The 3 piece fits into my base cabinet better for bulk aging. The S type does show pressure difference better though. Either works, both are simple, get a few of each - it's a good excuse to get another carboy to fit under each one.
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    White wine tastes bland and a little like hard liquor

    What's up with the label? Did you leave the old label on the bottle? Just curious.... I've never bothered to put a bar code on any of my wine ; )
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    Need Help!

    Wine that's started fermenting in the bottle hasn't "gone bad". It will have a higher alcohol content though. Make sure the fermentation has completely finished before sweetening (3 or more days with no change in s.g.) before stabilizing. Sorbate does have a limited shelf life so check that...
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    vacuum pump regulator

    vacuumpumpman- the pic. is a generic pic. the gauge I have shows inches Hg up to 30". Works well or me - that gauge along with the regulator I mentioned in the previous post makes a good setup for me.
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    vacuum pump regulator

    Gauges at grainger: Works for me, don't know if this is exactly what would work for you... along with a few fittings from the plumbing department at the box-stores and this should fit most pumps......
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    vacuum pump regulator has the one I use - easily adjustable, works very well. And it's affordable! They will sell to individuals if you call and explain what you're doing.... I've found them to be very helpful! And it's under $20 with shipping...
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    A Pan as a Primary

    I've used my large stainless stock pot for 2 gallon batches - just because it's easier to manage than the 6 gal bucket. Stainless is probably better than plastic anyway -
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    Scored on a Demi-Jon

    For a 'shock resistant' coating you can use brush on tile waterproofing compound ( red guard or green guard - different brands of the basic same product.) It's not see through but for the bottom may be a saver. It will scrape off with a razor if you ever want to remove it.
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    Sanitizing nylon straining bags

    Even cheaper than the paint strainers and a little more fine mesh - cost about $0.33 per pair - knee high hose from wall mart. I like the white but it doesn't really matter. They stretch like crazy and one will hold several pounds of fruit. They're easy to fill, etc..... and disposable.
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    Strawberry Wine

    For color - the best natural red comes from sugar beets. (No personal experience though). As deep as the color is in them, I would think it wouldn't take much to get a nice red.
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    Fluorescent lights bad in the wine lab?

    rather than buy t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc... I just use the ones I have. Purchasing a carboy cover seems pretentious to me. Hoodies work well if you're worried about blocking every bit of light.
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    Dandelion wine

    Citric acid is used to stop browning (oxidizing). It stops apples from browning when cut. Kmeta = potassium metabisulphate = chemical used to stun wild yeast and kill bacterial Similar to NaMeta which is Sodium bisulphate - same use, just more sodium in the wine. All 3 of these are readily...