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    muscadine wine explosion; pls help

    Funny story. My great grandpa used to make his wine using BALLOONS over each 1gal jug. When the balloon would blow up to max size, he knew fermentation would soon peak. When the volume in the balloon would die down, he would know it was just about done. He would rack it off trying to leave...
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    Why are my bottles breaking?

    Do not use bottles that are visibly not strong. That one looks super weak. I source bottles that are thick and have sediment traps (cones) at the bottom. My MO is to scavenge the glass recycling bins at the recycling centers. I then use my 50g trashcan with a fresh heavy duty poly contractor...
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    Tartrate crystals in my muscadine wine aged with oak chips

    I bet its just tartrate crystals. Harmless. Actually makes the wine taste better IMHO, less acidic. What you can do if you have a surplus fridge or a freezer, put the entire carboy in there. If its a freezer, it would take a couple of days before it starts freezing but the cold crash will...
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    Noble muscadine grapes

    How did it come out? I have made muscadine wine from noble grapes a few times and had excellent results. Last time I picked 120lb of grapes, crushed them and pressed them off the same day. I was taught to never ferment a white muscadine on the skins. We used some peptic during the ferment...
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    Strange ferment

    Thanks. In the past I would use sulphited water in the airlock but I used vodka this time. Its looking quite stable now. Not a bubble to be seen. When I racked it over I did some tasting and its going to be decent, nothing great though. It had that "newish" raw zippy taste.
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    Strange ferment

    Hello everybody. I took your advice and racked it off today to a bucket and gave it a good stir ... wow what foam! I gave it a few good stirs, put in some potassium metabisulfite, racked back over to clean sanatized glass and topped it off. The SG was something like .098, well below 1.0 so I...
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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    When cool meant cool ...
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    Strange ferment

    Thanks for the warning.
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    Strange ferment

    The bubbles look different than a ferment so it might be degasing. I plan to just drop the hydrometer in and leave it there. I always wondered why I did not use that tactic to begin with as I only did one ferment at a time.
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    Strange ferment

    Wow, you have a big project! Thanks for the advice.
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    Strange ferment

    Thanks! I will work it off tomorrow and top it up. I have a splasher that goes on the end of the racking tube. I am going to drop the hm in tonight to check.
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    Strange ferment

    Hello everyone. I have been making wine for years, from kits and crushed grapes I picked or bought. One area where I never compromised was yeast and yeast nutrient. I have not made any in the last few years but bought a 5 gal frozen juice pail and have 5gal of a nice merlot going. When I got...
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    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    Looks like ya got me fired up! I have been making wine for years from kits then "graduated" to wine snob level and started buying boxes straight from Napa during harvest. One year my group had 2000 lbs shipped and we pressed and processed them ourselves, a lot of work and expensive but I took...
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    newbie here

    Well, I have an interesting variation going on. The 6 gallons of muscadine juice was very low in brixx and during my search for the 3 berry mix, I discovered Costcos brand of triple berry in 4lb bags. I bought two of those bags, macerated them and included them into the muscadine musk. Got...
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    newbie here

    . . . from the lyrical "truckin" Truckin - got my chips cashed in KEEP TRUCKIN LIKE THE DODAHMAN together, more or less in line just keep truckin on . . .
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    newbie here

    I have 6 gallons of frozen muscadine juice thawing out in my garage, probably will take another week to thaw so I had better find some peptic enzyme. I noticed that those of you making fruit wine use it. Supposed to help clarifying. How much did you use and what yeast do you like?
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    newbie here

    Hello everybody. This is my first post and I just want to say hi to everybody. I stumbled across this site as I was doing a google search on which yeast would be best to ferment some fresh muscadine juice, the L1118 or L1122. I have used them both but can't remember which I used for Reds...