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  1. barry


    I have done all of my wine drinking so far at home. I have been wanting, when we go out for a meal, to buy a glass of wine with my meal, but I don't know the proper etiquitte. Are you supposed to order the wine as your beverage, or along with your normal beverage (soda, coffee, water)? At...
  2. barry

    How many Galons?

    1 gallon batches for me. Maybe after I make more, and get a little better at it, I can start to make larger ones!!
  3. barry


    Thanks a lot. I think I will try it!!
  4. barry


    Due the the abundance of zuchinni in our garden, I got to thinking. Has anyone ever made a good wine out of it, or should zuchini be kept to bread where it is known to be good?
  5. barry

    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome to the foums.
  6. barry

    Please allow me to introduce myself.

    Welcome!! I am not very experienced myself, but I have found alot of very useful information here. These people are very helpful. Thanks everyone!!!
  7. barry

    Holiday Wines

    I am wanting to make some wines to take to family holiday dinners. Anyone have any suggestions on wines for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners?
  8. barry

    Cleaning Equipment??

    What methods should be used to clean your winemaking equipment after use? Does rinsing it out with clean tap water clean good enough? Could you use dishsoap? I saw the thread on OxiClean, is this the best choice?
  9. barry

    Hello from WI

    Abby, Thanks for the advice. I am planning to cork, so I will purchase a floor model.
  10. barry

    Hello from WI

    Hi, my name is Barry Witmer, from Wonewoc, WI. I am trying my hand at making wine. I currently hava a gallon of cherry going and also some from grape juice. I have not bottled any yet, but am anxious to. Any advice would be helpful. I have visited two wine supply stores one 45 miles from home...