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    Can you shed some light!

    Over the past couple of weeks, I have learned the importance of aging the wine. What my question now is, Is it important to brew your wine for a month? I know that freeze distilling is illegal in the US, but In The Name Of Science!, can brewing your wine for a month, be bypassed with freeze...
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    Vitamin C?

    re Luc, I'm not as schooled on winemaking as you. I'm a beginner, and I have been making quick brews for about eight months.....I'm just now learning the importance of aging your wine...I use juice concentrates. Five gallon container.... three apple, and two dark grape. As for cpfan...
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    Vitamin C?

    I have been researching this, and have come up with no information. I know this old timer, who swears that the secret to making wine is Vitamin C crystals. "Not too much!" he says. I normally wouldn't pay too much mind to this, but, out of curiosity, I put it to the test. One gallon, With Vit...
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    Why brew so long?

    Illegal huh? Wow, I didn't know that. I usually don't purposefully choose to tinker outside the realms of the lawbooks. Thanks for the messages. I was looking for something a little more scientific, but maybe it's not necessary. I did reach into my closet yesterday and pulled out a bottle that...
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    Why brew so long?

    If you can brew juice concentrate in six days and get it at thirteen percent alcohol, why do people brew so long? I brew five gallons in six days, then I pour it off into individual gallon jugs, then I freeze it, then I turn it upside down and let it drip off into beer mugs. The result...