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  1. Okie Parrish

    Juice concentrate measurement

    When a recipe calls for 1cup of red grape juice concentrate is it 1cup of the straight concentrate right out the frozen can or do you mix with water b4 measuring
  2. Okie Parrish

    Bucket headspace

    Got 5 gallons of tropical fruit dragons blood ready to backsweeten Thursday I racket it into a 7 gallon added kmeta and sorbate per package instructions then discovered my GF used my sugar to make cookies Dont want to put it in carboy an dilute it with anythi g just to dilute it even more with...
  3. Okie Parrish

    River trip skeeter pee ideas

    Yea iv used superkleer in the past and had wonderful results, I followed the directions an waited a lil over 2 hours b4 adding the 2nd pack like i have in the past but its been 2 week's and still nothing
  4. Okie Parrish

    River trip skeeter pee ideas

    Me an the boys Annual river trip is coming up in mid may and I was thinking about bringing some skeeter pee for the ladys because we usually end up with half the campgrounds at our site partying every night. I want to start a batch this week hopping it'll be ready in time. iv already got some...
  5. Okie Parrish

    Building size?

    How much space will you need for a wine room.........the answer is all of it you need all the space......park the car in the street keep the boat at the marina convince the wife Power tools look good displayed in the living room and just get throw out them boxes with all your stuff from collage...
  6. Okie Parrish

    Bentonite and/or Sparkolloid: Comparative Study

    @dangerdave just courius what your opinions on sparkloid bentonite superkleer are now after 5yrs experience and im assuming 150+ batches what have you learned in that time.........if you was to teach a newbie today how to make a batch what would you have them use
  7. Okie Parrish

    Backsweatening banana rocket fuel

    Got a gallon of banana thats cleared up rather nicely but all I tast is alcohol no fruity flavors...i pulled a 2 cup sample to sweeten an test had a simple syrup made with equal parts sugar an water added it 1/2oz at a time 2oz it was almost there an 2 1/2 was perfectly sweet.....2cups of wine...
  8. Okie Parrish

    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    Had the same problem with my DB few months Back wouldnt clear after 2 doses of sparkloid and a double shot of pectic and 2 months time....guy at the brew shop suggested superkleer....put in around lunch on Saturday woke up Sunday morning to the clearest wine I ever made
  9. Okie Parrish

    Ferment stuck for 2 months?

    Had a 3 gallon mead I started back In november when SG got to 1.040 I racked into 3 smaller jugs and flavored 2 of them.....the strawberry and blackberry kept going well and fermented to around .995 but the one gallon I left unflavored stopped at 1.028 thanksgiving and christmas came around and...
  10. Okie Parrish

    Really fast ferment?

    Started a pear wine on friday pitched my yeast (ec1118) saturday morning SG started at 1.070 came home from work Sunday around noon an it had already dropped to 1.002 is it normal to go that fast
  11. Okie Parrish

    Show Us Your Pets

    Mom ended up giving me one from the litter they just had
  12. Okie Parrish

    How many gallons of Lon D's Skeeter Pee have been made?

    Started 6 gallons of tropical dragons blood and 5 gallons of skeeter pee yesterday. 3830+5+6=3841
  13. Okie Parrish

    My first mead

    So I'm making mead for the first time started out with a 3 gallons in primary starting SG was 1.120 everything seems to be going smoothly I let it ferment in primary bucket tell it got down to 1.030 and racked it into 3 1gal jugs for secondary I added 2lbs og BlackBerry's to 1 gallon, 2lb of...
  14. Okie Parrish

    Bug in airlock

    I mean it makes since....just can't figure out how it got thru the hole in the lid
  15. Okie Parrish

    But in airlock

    Lol yea I ment bug.....if there was a butt in my airlock I think I would have posted those pics somewhere else
  16. Okie Parrish

    Bug in airlock

    Alright you talked me into it ima open this bottle of weller reserve and. Relax
  17. Okie Parrish

    Bug in airlock

    Vary helpful thank you
  18. Okie Parrish

    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    Iv been on several sites searching an answer but only get more confused I may have already asked here if so I'm sorry for being a bother iv got some DB clearing right now I added bentonite and pectic enzyme at primary and after I deggaessed I used sparkloid it settled about an inch over night...
  19. Okie Parrish

    Bug in airlock

    So your saying it should be alright I already did the right thing by having it topped up with an airlock it just prevented a problem?
  20. Okie Parrish

    Bug in airlock

    Yea it was just one......I'm sher if it contaminated the wine if be able to tell soon enough I'm just curious how it got in there cuz there was pressure from the carboy pushing on the water the whole time so its air tight and the lid was always on the air lock and bug was to big to fit thru the hole