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  1. DaleM

    Apple juice as wine base?

    Hopefully you fair better than I did with apple juice or pears? Years ago, I tasted a green apple wine at a local winemaking contest. I set out to create my one version from fresh Mackintosh apple juice, locally grown. The results were dismal and I could never get the flavor profile that I...
  2. DaleM

    Too Late This Year; But I’m Needing Advice for 2024

    Hello to the group! As a new member, hopefully I’m in the right spot to ask these questions. For context: I live in Western Iowa and only have 6 mature vines on a hillside with good drainage and the soil is a clay lomé, known regionally as the Loess Hills. Over the last couple of years...
  3. DaleM

    Yet Another Newbie to these forums

    Good Day Everyone! I’m Dale, located in Western Iowa USA. I’m not new to winemaking, but still a novice when it comes to growing my own grapes. I’ve been making various wines, starting with fruits, then advancing to red and white wines produced using grapes from our local commercial...