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    Bottle wax instead of capsules

    Hi, I'm pondering the use of bottle wax to cover the necks of my next batch of wine I bottle instead of foil capsules. My question is, are there any negative issues involved with the use of wax? Thanks, Spurgon
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    500ml wine bottles

    I've got about 50 gallons of wine I'd like to bottle in 500ml bottles.Trouble is I cannot find a source. Can anyone help me with a lead on this? thanks spurgon
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    enolmatic filler machine

    Harryjpowell, What a fantastic automated bottle/corker setup. Is that a commercially available setup or is it your fabrication? Can you give some details about it? Thanks spurgon
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    SO2 aeratot/oxidation apparatus primer please

    I have need of a set up to test SO2. I don't want to use the triator because of their limitations. The abbreviated setup I've seen on the web have been given a bad review as far as accuracy from the head of oenology at a near by university. So , I'm in the beginning of my learning about the...
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    Degassing or oxygenating the wine?

    I am aware that creating a whirlpool in the carboy exposes more of the wine to air and increases oxidation. Therefore, my wine equipment supply contact says to keep the degassing rod in the top of the wine or it wont degass the wine. I use a Mix Stir rod in my drill. When I brought the rod up...
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    Star Sans

    Leanne, They referred to it a a "true sanitizer" and it's a no rinse product. I was told that beer makers use it because of their need for a higher level of sanitization since wort is a much more inviting medium for bacterial, than is must. I've always used B Bright but don't like the amount...
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    Vinoferm Acidineteer test kit.

    I have so much trouble trying to use the inexpensive acid titration kits that I just skip that part of making my wine. It is impossible for me to determine the color change in the test solution and I can't afford a real chemistry equipment grade set up. I regret this because of the importance of...
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    Star Sans

    My wine supply just convinced me to use a Produce called Star Sans. It's normally used by brewers. Has anyone here used it. If it was one of the best products, then seems like I would have heard of it in the wine making community. Comments please, spurgon
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    Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter

    Thanks Tom and Runningwolf. spurgon
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    Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter

    Runningwolf, I'm new to the site and I'm in the market for a wine filter. I did a search on Musca's of Canada and couldn't find anything. Do you have a link? Lurker, Do you still have the mini jet for sale? How long have you owned it? spurgon