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    How soon can I add fining agent?

    I make a lot fruit and vegetable wines at the same time and am so tired of having to rack them multiple times, it takes so much of my time. I usually rack it after the first 30 days and then every 60 days for 6 months. Then I clear it with I think it’s called Super Kleer it’s a fining agents...
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    Pearson’s Square for fortified wine

    Trying to fortify my 5 gallons of banana wine using Pearson’s Square, but need help. I’m planning on using EverClear 190 proof alcohol. A = 95 B = 14 C = 20 D = 6 E = 75 So if I’m reading it right I’d add 6 parts of EverClear for every 75 parts wine? I’m not sure I’m doing that correct or how...
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    Whiskey Wish Wine

    Dude why brag about it unless you're going to share the recipe? Don't leave us hanging... on the vine