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    Mourn with me

    Im so sorry for your loss! Maybe next year use one less pear in your recipe
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    Candy Cane wine Recipe

    I don't think color of the canes will matter much as it fades with fermentation. I added food coloring at the end to bring back the festive color! Honestly this wine I have to say was my first 100% success as I have only been doing this a year and had several good wines a couple ok ones and a...
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    Wisconsin Club

    Hey I am in wi too!
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    Accidental Experiment in Progress

    He is probably practicing the 4 Ps!:b
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    Candy Cane wine Recipe

    Damn auto spell check!!! That is carboy not Carnot!
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    Candy Cane wine Recipe

    The comment of no body seems about right too, I have heard of people adding a banana soup to this to add body. We are no wine snobs but my wife and I like it!
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    Candy Cane wine Recipe

    Dan I have done it and am planning to be at the store tomorrow to get canes again! The color of mine started as a pretty rose but as it fermented changed to a pale yellow. I added two drops red food coloring per bottle to bring back the color. Scoff if you might but the red looks more...
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    Oh Julie bring your recipe for the strawberry breeze

    Sorry Julie, said Allie, ment Julie
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    Oh Julie bring your recipe for the strawberry breeze

    hey this one fermented down pretty quick? Waiting for it to clear. How long typically till this is drinkable Allie? I haven't snuck a taste yet.
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    Skittle wine fermenting again

    Candy Wine I made candy cane wine last year from clearance canes and just bottled it last week. It is pretty good.
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    Candy Cane wine Recipe

    This wine is about done fermenting for me. Well the nice pink color changed to a dull pale cream color. Taste so far? Like a weak Peppermint Schnopps.
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    V8 Splash wine

    I know someone has been thinking of this, anyone tried it? Mango Peach type Ingredients are Water, high fructose corn syrup, carrot juice, apple juice, citric acid, natural flavoring, peach juice,vitamin c, Mango puree, vitamin E, beta carotine, and sucralose What do you think? Its yummy...
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    Question about long term clearing of Banana wine

    So I bottled this one cleared way faster than I expected. Very alcoholic smelling and tasting. Man, no banana flavor at all. This one will have to age for sure. This one is probably a true 18% ABV. I think I will make another batch and blend the two or I might age it a year in...
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    Candy Cane wine Recipe

    There is much talk on this one on, I myself have this one going.......first I only used 5lbs sugar.....second I used cambden tablets before pitching the yeast (I wouldn't do this again) and it changed the color from a nice pink to an orangish pink.....It has been fermenting...
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    Banana Wine Recipe # 2

    Pretty much clear now, there is some large sedement floating still, looks like parts of the rasins, I might have to filter this little bit out. After Racking I think I lost about a bottle in one gallon. This one makes a lot of sediment! I am going on vacation in three weeks. I might just let...
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    Question about long term clearing of Banana wine

    .....and it is clearing a lot faster than I expected. I give this a month and it will be clear!!
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    Question about long term clearing of Banana wine

    I missed the lemons in the recipe Juice of 2 lemons was used I sliced and boiled the bananas in water to make a tea over about an hour then strained them. Upon racking the first time I also strained the raisins and pressed the juices out of them as well.
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    Question about long term clearing of Banana wine

    I am really into the country wine thing. Surprised to see everything that you can turn into a wine. That being said I decided on brewing a small batch of Banana wine. Recipe below Banana wine 3 lbs Bananas 1 1/2 cups light raisins 5 cups sugar 2 campden tabs 1 teaspoon nutrients...
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    What color bottle for white?

    Not stalking.....but maybe I would that pretty wine though!!! Allie I googled the internet and got this for ya Not exactly what you want though!!! As a retired Firefighter myself I know it would be hard to find a firefighter drinking wine after working a fire. Gatorade maybe!
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    What does this mean, Help please?

    I read in the old days if a mouse died getting into the wine (what a joyous way to go btw) the Italians would retrieve the mouse, cremate it, then add the ashes to the wine affected to prevent it from going bad. What did you do with the fruit fly? I would presume you just tossed it? Oh man...