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    Potassium sorbate to kill residual fermentation

    I don’t want to use sorbate, but I don’t have a .45 micron filter and need to add sweetness back to bone dry fruit wine. Does anyone have experience with stevia/know if this or anything else will work as an unfermentable sugar? My worry with the sorbate is that the minute that goes in, my...
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    Backsweeting / topping off question

    Question myself on the process. Going to be backsweetening andadding an F-pack to my peach wine. To do this will be adding kmeta and sorbate then the fpack. The fpack is going to really cloud my wine. Should I add in a clearing agent along with the fpack, wait a month, then bottle? What is the...
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    Which Labels to Use - wine label template, site, removal

    I would like to create labels for my bottles currently aging at the 2 year mark. That being said, bottles are expensive so I would love to be able to remove the labels and re-use the bottles. Any thoughts on removable labels and/or a website that has solid wine label templates that look nice and...
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    Fermentation Plan; Racking; Oaking; One-Step Cleanser

    The issue with dissolving One-Step is a bit maddening. Do you find that you switch from Star San to simply rinsing with a Kmeta solution or is star San always part of your carboy prep routine?
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    Fermentation Plan; Racking; Oaking; One-Step Cleanser

    I am not sure if this is true, but I was told that Star San being an acid based cleanser can potentially throw your wine out of balance. One step is an oxidation cleaner so I would have to believe that there can be negative effects as well if residue is left. Have you had positive results with...
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    Fermentation Plan; Racking; Oaking; One-Step Cleanser

    I don't like to go longer than 48 before racking off of the gross lees, often you can go longer, but sulfides can sometimes appear overnight. This is very helpful! Thanks for the insights! Curious if you happen to sense sulfides building in the wine if kept on gross lees for too long, are there...
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    Fermentation Plan; Racking; Oaking; One-Step Cleanser

    I’m only a few years into my wine making adventure so looking for all the help I can get! Has anyone used One Step to clean and sanitize equipment? I have always used b-brite and Kmeta in the past, but I want to keep sulfites low to allow for a better fermentation and MLF. Also curious if my...