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  1. Dino466

    RJ Spagnols En Primeur Pinot Noir

    This seems disappointing , I have had my EP Pinot Noir in the carboy 9 months and am looking to bottle soon. HAve to give it a taste and see it is coming around.
  2. Dino466

    RJ Spagnols EP Syrah or CCWS Spanish Tempranillo?

    I made the EP Syrah , it was really good. I am planning on making the Temp in the new future
  3. Dino466

    RJ Spagnols Glad Hatter - Valpola

    I picked up a Glad Hatter Valpola late last year - had a special get 30 bottles free. I am very impressed, easy drinking wine . Kit had grape pack and labels - $89.00. Normally I go with a Cheeky Monkey or CC sterling but for the same price the Glad Hatter IMHO was much better for a good table...
  4. Dino466

    Other Limited edition kits in general

    I made 1 RQ last year it was the Pinot Gris - turned out great. This year I went a little crazy - order the 2 white LE and LE Cab Merlot and RQ Nero and Petit Verdot. Hoping they turn out well - so far the Nero is in the carboy and the Petit Verdot is bubbling 3 days in the primary.
  5. Dino466

    WineXpert How many bottles = 12 month supply?

    I am making between 72 and 84 gallons per year. With giving a lot away and storing some for the future ( hard to do) . I having been at it for 3 years - I figure I will slow down to roughly 60 gallons.
  6. Dino466

    Weight loss warning

    Vernsgal - pictured with the great Trevor Linden - Canucks made a smart move in getting him.
  7. Dino466

    RJ Spagnols Monastrell-Petit Verdot?

    I was thinking more of our American friends. But I am surprised yours just arrived - I got me about 3 weeks ago and I am on the other coast from RJS. And on the Canadian totem pole - The West is way above , us down east.
  8. Dino466

    There's no need to fear! Underdog is here!

    For us Canadian's - Mr. Dressup , Friendly Giant and Uncle Bobby ( The Bimbo song that is something you can get out of your head)
  9. Dino466

    There's no need to fear! Underdog is here!

    Love UnderDog HR Puff n Stuff
  10. Dino466

    RJ Spagnols Monastrell-Petit Verdot?

    Did the Petit Verdot get shipped to you?
  11. Dino466

    Other White port kit? (No chocolate or fruit)

    RJS Ice Wine Riesling is very good - I am making the White Chocolate White Port - it is a little brown colour. The Ice Wine is golden and very sweet.
  12. Dino466

    small production winery location?

    West_End, There is a small winery for sale about 2 hours from me in the lovely Nova Scotia. 400 bottle - sale price is under $750,000.00 been running for 15 years. Won a lot of awards...
  13. Dino466

    RJ Spagnols Anyone make the Hightail Okanagan Merlot? Is it worth the extra $ ?

    See it's $159.00 on the east coast - a little higher then the EP line. Jees they must have delivered the Hightail to the East Coast by hand and individually in order to double the price.
  14. Dino466

    RJ Spagnols Anyone make the Hightail Okanagan Merlot? Is it worth the extra $ ?

    Just wondering about the Hightail series - not much written about them wondering if it is worth the extra $$$ over the EP line?
  15. Dino466

    Help, I need a bold red kit wine for my wife

    I like the Cellar Craft Showcase Amanore and RJS CCWS Super Tuscan.
  16. Dino466

    RJ Spagnols Monastrell-Petit Verdot?

    I am in Canada - Maritime Brew & Wine.
  17. Dino466

    RJ Spagnols Monastrell-Petit Verdot?

    I got mine a couple of weeks ago.
  18. Dino466

    Other 2014 limited wine kits - what are you planning

    jees, I think Boatboy is a divorce lawyer (or gets a commission from one). Yes sometimes the wifes get upset when you have 7 carboys on the go and 2 in the primary and 3 on deck - my only saving grace is she really doesn't like wine - and since more then half of what I own is wine - I am safe...
  19. Dino466

    Costco wine kit - a waste of time??

    HFX - I have made the Costco wine (PAKLab) . Not very good - I started out with them . Cheap way to make and learn from mistakes - but you have brewed beer so you don't need a "starter kit". You have a couple of choices for supplies in Halifax. I have use Winekitz , Noble grape and Maritime Brew...
  20. Dino466

    Post your labels here

    This is the warning label I put on the back the bottles I gave to my daughter for college. I put a picture of her school residence on the front. My attempt at humour. Warning: Excessive comsumption of the product may and hopefully cause blurred vision, speeeech im-im-im-pediment...