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    Hedonistic Fruit Bombs The debate over wine alcohol levels is getting out of control. One of the hottest issues in wine circles these days is heat—as in, too much alcohol. Obviously, wine wouldn't be wine without the alcohol, and the buzz it delivers is part of the pleasure. But alcohol levels have been climbing, much to the chagrin of some oenophiles, who...
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    Wine Yeasts Reveal Prehistoric Microbial World When having a glass of wine or beer, have you ever wondered why and how yeast "learned" to produce these superb food products? Yeasts are unicellular fungi and so far over 1,500 different species have been...
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    Georgia legalizes Sunday alcohol sales.

    By William Spain, MarketWatch Last Update: 3:00 PM ET Apr 28, 2011{5731A0DE-71C7-11E0-B644-00212804637C} CHICAGO (MarketWatch) — A bill that legalizes alcohol sales on Sundays was signed into law by Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal Thursday in a...
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    The ten best wine racks (Slideshow)

    What, no wine cellar? Don’t fill the fridge – stack up the sauvignon blanc and stash the sauternes in style with one of these handsome storage systems...
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    Texas' first gin gets its debut pour at gala tonight

    By GREG MORAGO Copyright 2011 Houston Chronicle April 27, 2011, 4:42PM Guests at Evening in the Park's gala to benefit the Hermann Park Conservancy will be the first to sample what is surely the state's most original new spirit —...
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    Canada's Liquor Control Boards

    Hand liquor sales to small business TONY WILSON - The Globe and Mail There are areas where governments have no business being involved because they do such a poor job of managing them. They’re often wasteful, with little impetus to get more efficient because there are rarely detrimental...
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    Wine laws in Canada to get a challenge Terry David Mulligan has gone on the record saying that he is willing to risk jail in a bid to reform Canada's archaic and outdated wine shipping laws. In an article from Business in Vancouver (Terry Mulligan Willing to go to Jail to Fight Liquor Law), he...
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    Hydrometer question

    Fill up the primary with water, let get to room temp and then test I suspected my hydrometer was out, so I filled up the primary with just water, and let the water sit until it was equal to room temperature. Then I put the hydrometer in. Sure enough, it read exactly 1.000 But even if your...
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    do wine making kits make much better wine ?

    Check out Superstore and Save On Foods Go to Superstore. They are selling wine kits in the Edmonton Superstores for $41 and $44. I just bought one two days ago. The Pinot Noir wine kit from Superstore was recommended by a fellow who said that it was the best kit he every made. Last time I...
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    What is the longest secondary can stay unsanitized after its dry?

    I would say that you clean out the carboy after using and then let it dry thoroughly. Once dry, I put a piece of paper towel in the opening to keep the dust out, but leave it loose enough so that it can breathe and stay dry. If there is no debris and no water inside the carboy, then nothing...
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    Eight Healthy Reasons To Drink Beer

    From Eight Healthy Reasons To Drink Beer Men who reported drinking 120 to 365 days a year had a 20% lower cardiovascular death rate than those who drank one to 36 days a year. Beer may also give your brain a boost. Adults over age 65 who drank one to six alcoholic beverages...
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    Two Interesting Reads

    A few more 'wine in the news' stories. Don't know if there is a proper to post these, but here goes anyways. My uncle always kept up on current news stories just so he has some chit chat handy to break the ice in social situations. Recommendations by the Toronto Star's Wine Dude, err um, I...
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    Fresh Wine: 6 days in the Refrigerator makes a big difference

    Clarification and Stabilization Thanks for the push in the right direction! The light went on and I now understand enough to do some research From Wikepedia Clarification and Stabilization of wine Some of the materials that are removed from the must during clarification and...
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    Fresh Wine: 6 days in the Refrigerator makes a big difference

    Yep. I probably just rediscovered Cold stabilizing and Bottle Shock. To make this science, I would need to have 2 bottles - one at room temperature - one in the fridge And compare after a week. I have put another batch in the fridge, but it was aging 4 months in a carboy so most of...
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    Spanish chef has the bottle to do away with dregs of a fine vintage

    Martín Berasategui says special shape does away with decanting by capturing sediment at bottom of bottle
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    Good fruit wine?

    Presentation, Perception and Peer Acceptance are important in The Wine World From Wikipedia Banana Wine - It is a traditional drink of east Africa - in Buganda, it is presented as a gift to the local monarchy From Banana Wine in East Africa - The traditional wine of Tanzania...
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    Excited ordered my equipment and starting a gallon of wine.

    And the tip 'leave the hydrometer in the primary fermenter' during the entire ferment is Genius. No fussing and less opportunities for contamination. Many Thanks to the person on this board that suggested this.
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    Good fruit wine?

    I'll second that. But what I found astounding was that some guests will not even try Banana Wine, because 'They have never heard of it' I would have had more luck trying to get them to eat horse meat.
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    Got my first batch in progress

    When the Mad Bubbling Starts is always the best part Congrats on your first batch! When the yeast catches hold and starts bubbling away, I always do a little happy dance. As a newbie, I find there is a lot to worry about . . . Temperature, pH, specific gravity, infection, nutrients. Maybe...
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    What are you kicking off the New Year with?

    Hope! I am Kicking the New year off with Hope! Hope, that these carboys might actually stop bubbling and begin to clear. Hope, that I can finally taste something, anything! and assess how well or how badly it turned out, before I start anything else. I have one carboy that has been...