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    Too Late This Year; But I’m Needing Advice for 2024

    Hi - I too am a newbie - in Vermont, due to pines and whatever else, black rot is an on going condition - I have sprayed with Mancozeb (nasty stuff - be careful) when they first begin to leaf out and then every 10 days (usually four times) - you want to be 66 days out from harvest. Hope this...
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    Cleaning wine bottles

    is Soda Ash sufficient for washing new wine bottles to receive last year's wine? or should I follow up with meta bisulfite and citric acid?
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    New Member - Vermont

    taking notes - very grateful for that information!
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    New Member - Vermont

    thanks so much - what is stylet oil? like Neem oil? hope this is not a dumb question....
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    New Member - Vermont

    thanks so much for your response. Mancozeb does work but our profuse rains in VT undid its magic - good luck with apples .
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    New Member - Vermont

    Anybody have any advice on working with 'tainted' grapes - I have picked of the ones with the rot and as they are now beginning to turn, am planning on making wine with the others - please advise - Shep
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    New member - Indiana

    I noticed that 66 day warning just before my last spray!! On the other hand, I have an abundance of black rot - hoping to eke out a little harvest! 'To spray or not to spray - that is the question....'
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    New Member - Vermont

    Newbie here - one harvest down and working on the 2nd! Too much rain, struggling with black rot - hoping for some wine!