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  1. LoneTreeFarms

    Pick a Wine Kit & Win a Wine Kit Giveaway pink lemonade please.
  2. LoneTreeFarms

    Post your labels here

    love it. that's how my 4 year old says yesterday. so cute
  3. LoneTreeFarms

    Alternate name for Skeeter Pee

    I did make my own wine, it was based on the original makers recipe but it was my own tweaks therefore my own re-naming. don't be a tool, didn't mom ever tell you if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all?
  4. LoneTreeFarms

    This is me!

    I live near a small town 20 miles north of Fort Dodge. kind of right in the middle of nowhere.
  5. LoneTreeFarms

    This is me!

    Welcome fellow Iowan! I don't think there are too many of us on here..
  6. LoneTreeFarms

    Beer Corking

    i think you will end up with bottle bombs, as the beer starts to carbonate it will push the corks out I would think.
  7. LoneTreeFarms Italian Floor Corker Giveaway!

    in!! thank you and happy thanksgiving!
  8. LoneTreeFarms

    The HomeBrewSupply Wine Kit Giveaway!

    This is great! Count me in!! I would love to have Winexpert™ Eclipse Washington Columbia Valley Riesling if I were lucky enough to win. Thank you for hosting this contest.
  9. LoneTreeFarms

    Can you add sugar after adding yeast?

    yes you can, I typically add 4# to the island mist kits.
  10. LoneTreeFarms

    Alternate name for Skeeter Pee

    By all means go ahead and use it. Happy to help. Pm me if you want the file. I think I've got it as jpg and png
  11. LoneTreeFarms

    Alternate name for Skeeter Pee

    The missus is a teacher so we called ours Teacher's Ade.
  12. LoneTreeFarms

    Scottish Ale

    I usually leave mine in primary for 2-3 weeks then rack straight to the keg, no secondary for me, unless I'm adding oak or fruit or something crazy. never made a Scottish ale but that looks tasty jswordy!!
  13. LoneTreeFarms

    All in One Wine Pump Giveaway!

    count me in!!
  14. LoneTreeFarms

    when good wines gone bad

    completely off topic but if you had a 2 to 1 ratio how'd you end up with 4 jars?
  15. LoneTreeFarms

    WMT (Unofficial) Strawberry Coastal White Wine Competition

    a gold here and a silver there!! congrats Jim. mine is still aging in bulk aside from the two bottles sent out. I haven't tasted it lately, I'm thinking I've got a plan for the weekend now.
  16. LoneTreeFarms

    Post your labels here

    I like the label but love the backstory that goes along with it. it makes it special and unique and a story to tell to all you share it with! cheers
  17. LoneTreeFarms

    Post your labels here

    great labels toddo, and welcome to the site!
  18. LoneTreeFarms

    Brew Day with Pics!

    yeah I've used homebrewtalk a lot they've got some great recipes on that site. it'd be nice to have a small dedicated site on here for a few recipes too, ones that we've tried and had success with. just a thought.
  19. LoneTreeFarms

    Brew Day with Pics!

    I second this! we need a spot to share a few beer recipes for those of us that brew both!
  20. LoneTreeFarms

    Brew Day with Pics!

    Was that a snow/ice bath I saw? nice pics