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    Proud to announce

    Congrats he will share a birthday with my twins who turned 5 on Monday.
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    That kinda funny my twin boys were also 5 on the 13.
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    Just saw this on Midwest Supplies facebook

    Midwest Supplies Home Beer and Wine Making HELP ANDY! One of the crew at Midwest recently broke a carboy he was cleaning and BADLY INJURED his hand. Andy nearly lost fingers, and had to have surgery to reattach severed tendons on his hand. Unfortunately Andy did not have health insurance to...
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    Beginning a Winery

    You just got to move to Iowa about $300.00 Year and your a winery!!!!
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    Oh Dear, out of sugar

    It's around $17.00 here.
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    Oh Dear, out of sugar

    I buy my sugar at SAMS club 25lbs at a time I never run out!!
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    new winery

    No I don't I'm in the process of starting one up.
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    new winery

    Ya the only thing you have to do is pay taxes and have the label approved by the TTB.
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    new winery

    Rob- You will have to check what your zoning laws are in you city. Some residential zoning laws prohibit alcohol sales. You might be able to make it but not be able to sale it at your home. Also you need a $5000 surety bond that will run around $100.00. Then I would get insurance!!
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    WineXpert Island mist blackberry cab

    I have made this kit twice and added sugar untell I got to 1.070 and it turned out perfect every time.
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    Bad weekend

    Update the city has denied repairing or replacing anything and the church says its was the city fault. So I hired a attorney to sue both of them. On a brighter note my Midwest order arrived this week so I can start making wine again!
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    Gallon jugs

    If you need 1 gallon jugs or wine bottles go to HyVee you can buy them back for their 5cent deposit.
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    I might as well get introduced

    Welcome to the forum!!
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    Cry, cry, cry me a river of Cab Sauv

    I know the bad feeling of dumping out carboys. I had to dump 24 gallons a couple of weeks ago.
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    How would you accomplish this formula?

    Commercial wineries freeze the must to stop fermentation. They have chillers built in to the primary fermenter to freeze it when they hit the target sg. Here a way you can do it at home.
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    Poison Ivy

    I was hoping you weren't asking for a recipe for wine :rdo That's the same thing I was thinking.
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    Bad weekend

    Nothing was able to be salvaged the company working for the city even ripped the shower out and tossed it in a dumpster. They put new water heaters in today so now I have hot water.
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    Bad weekend

    Some bright news My home owner insurance company came by and gave me a check.That only made a little dent on replacing my stuff. Now and I just need the city to figure out who's fault it is.
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    Fall 2011 price list out

    Well because I lost all the frozen buckets I had aging from Midwest what size are the juice buckets
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    Bad weekend

    It all happened Saturday morning!